I’m Maria, the founder of Trigger Your Trip.

Here’s my personal journey.

Once upon a time, I was lost, insecure, and miserable, with my past trauma constantly surfacing. I was a lonely, burnt-out, bad karma attractor, trying to scale my family business and pretending to be “living the life” by traveling as far as possible. In reality, I only fueled my mind with distractions to escape the present I disliked.

In five years, I went from an exhausted, toxic, over-burnt, lonely, insecure 20-something to the creator of the life I’ve dreamed and pursued.

  • I figured out how to grow with the person I wanted the most instead of pushing him away into toxic co-dependency.
  • I learned how to experience the world while fully embracing my present and thoughts, so instead of empty selfies around the world, I started sharing parts of my soul, all reflected in my writing.
  • My articles were featured in major publications when companies and individuals started to notice and ask for advice.
  • I embraced my feminine side, cultivated my spirituality and learned how to nurture the connections I valued.
  • I finally launched and scaled this website, which led to more connections and free time at the end of the day to enjoy my reality as a location-freedom, independent business owner.
  • I became a mother, which taught me how to set priorities while giving all of myself without second thoughts.

Now, I’m certified to help people create a strategy and achieve every goal or dream they desire.

My Purpose

Helping others trigger a journey toward a meaningful life, including healthier relationships, career growth, financial freedom, and elevated consciousness.

My Values

  • Location independence
  • Meaningful connections
  • Opportunities for exploration & learning
  • Time for myself & my loved ones
  • Financial freedom
  • Passion for my work
  • Constant growth & creative stimulation

My Goals

  • Connecting with the world
  • Ηelping people accomplish
  • Better body & nutrition
  • Embracing the present
  • Constant intellectual & creative stimulation
  • Creating a community of like-minded individuals

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Struggling to find your purpose, core values or authentic strengths and qualities? My guided workbook works as your mindset coach and helps you build habits through six sessions, daily follow-ups, and weekly reflections.

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Wanting a personalized consultation with clear action steps to help you solve a relationship issue quickly? Through my e-mails, I build a safe space for you to share your honest struggles and receive personalized, expert advice with realistic suggestions.

Grow Your Brand

Striving to create engaging content, get organic visibility & acquire quality leads for your brand or company without working extra hours? After building and scaling a fully-remote online business and a 7-figure app agency, I guarantee a painstaking strategy that will save you hours of pain and tears and increase your income.