The girl behind

I know.

You might expect me to tell you weird facts about me, my family, and my hometown.

My struggles, or my hopes.

The places I’ve lived, where I’ve been, and why I’ve left my job (or haven’t).

My clumsiness. My funny Greek accent.

But the truth is, the most exciting thing I want to share with you here has to do with my goals.

I’m Maria and those are my goals
If that sounds like you, are you with me?
  • Location independence
  • Connecting with the world
  • Ηelping people accomplish
  • Career advancement
  • Passion for my work
  • Skills that contribute to something world-changing
  • Better body, hair, and nutrition
  • Time for myself
  • Meaningful relationships with like-minded people
  • Opportunities to explore the world
  • Search for meaning & purpose
  • Intellectual + creative stimulation
  • Constant growth + self-improvement

To Your Best Version

What I didn’t realize for years was that my anxieties, dramas, and insecurities were my comfort zone + the perfect distraction from my personal development.

It wasn’t long ago that I created the healthy habits to articulate my desires, commit to my goals, and come in touch with my inner self.

But honestly? It’s simple. It’s empowering. And it’s possible.

It comes from balancing and stretching all wellness paths (social, emotional, spiritual, occupational, physical, and intellectual.)

Exposing yourself to that kind of growth means change. And change equals abandonment of your comfort zone, which is scary.

You don’t have to be a celebrity or a multi-million entrepreneur to live your best life. You can live your best life by creating the experiences we think only those people can buy;

  • Time for the things we love
  • Better relationships
  • Healthy bodies
  • More travels
  • A top, creative career
  • Enlightenment

So, how passionate are you to make the most of “you”?

Don’t let the fear distract you from the better “you” and the life you want to create.

Because your life is short and miraculous.

And you want to experience, create, contribute, feel, help, travel, and live. I know that’s what you want for yourself because that’s what I want for myself too.

The life-changing moment of a fulfilling, exciting, and balanced life comes with your commitment to constant growth.

It’s a decision.

Having a great life means developing a solid habit of making decisions.

Choose personal growth.

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