Are you looking for a romantic honeymoon destination that offers everything from stunning scenery to luxurious experiences? Kerala, a picturesque state in southwestern India, has it all. Kerala is known as “God’s own country” and features stunning beaches, backwaters lined with houseboats, and resort hotels surrounded by tropical vegetation. With its diverse mix of culture, history, and natural attractions, Kerala offers something for everyone who wants to experience an unforgettable honeymoon. Marriage begins a new journey where you have a partner ready to share your ups and down. The honeymoon period is the best period to understand each other and make it memorable as you plan a trip to Kerala. In this post, we’ll cover the four top places you should target in your Kerala map for your honeymoon travels – so let’s get started.

Which Is The Main City in Kerala?

Kerala is located in the south of India between the Arabian Sea and the western ghats. It boasts one of the most diverse cultures and ecosystems of any Indian state, making it a trendy tourist destination.

On a Kerala map, Thiruvananthapuram, or Trivandrum as it is commonly known, stands out as the central city in Kerala. This capital city lies South-West of Tamil Nadu and is perched on seven low hills near the Arabian Sea. It is home to major industries, prestigious universities, and other educational institutions.

Therefore, Thiruvananthapuram is a must-visit when exploring Kerala’s eclectic culture and terrain, making it a popular destination in south India.

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Which District is Best in Kerala?

When discussing the best district in Kerala, the state map of this gorgeous region provides some measure of comparison. It can be challenging to determine which section is the best since many factors are at play, such as poverty rate, health care system, economic development, and educational opportunities. However, by gauging area size in both metric and imperial units, one can assess which areas have cities that have flourished over time.

Additionally, knowing which districts have the most extensive road networks with national highways increases tourism potential, thus contributing to the overall well-being and welfare of the local community. Using this approach for evaluation reveals that certain districts stand out as consistently being among the best in Kerala.

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In a Nutshell, What Are The Major Places a Honeymooner Should Target?


Kerala architecture in southwestern malabar coast (map of kerala) and kerala map

Munnar is a favorite with honeymooners as it lies in the Idukki district on the Western Ghats. It is a dreamy honeymoon destination for any married couple as they walk hand in hand through rich tea plantations with a cool climate and refreshing air.

There are many places of interest to visit in Munnar, like the Eravikulam National Park, a hunting place for the British and now a national park that protects animals and is located at an elevation of seven thousand feet. It is famous for watching the threatened species of wild goat called the Nilgiri Tahr, among other national parks. Anamudi is the highest peak located in the park, with rare flora on the hills.

One should also take advantage of the Munnar Tea Museum, which has a collection of photographs and artifacts from the ancient years. Another favorite place in Munnar is the Pothanmedu View Point, which offers a magical view as you can see the valley carpeted in green with tea, cardamom, and coffee plantations. The place is perfect for hiking and trekking, while Attukul waterfalls are located at a distance of 8 km from Munnar; the cascading water appears as white as foam due to the force of the water.


indian states, hill stations and lakshadweep sea in the map of kerala, india and union territories

Alleppey, or Alappuzha, is located quite close to Kochi in Kerala. The houseboats are the trip’s highlights, where you can spend a night with all the modern facilities. The houseboat moves gently through the tranquil backwaters as you can glance at the green rice fields and choir-making activities and admire the simplicity of the locals.

You can also be part of the traditional ethnic snake boat race in August and September while making sure you’ll shop for a toddy ( local wine made from palm) as a souvenir from your trip.

If you are the beach type, Marari Beach is located eleven kilometers from Alleppey and is an idyllic spot for fishing. Alappuzha beach is a local getaway with a 150-year-old pier that leads into the sea. The beach hosts the Sand Art Festival and Alappuzha Beach Festival.

Don’t miss the island of Pathiramanal, which is covered in vegetation and has perfect climatic conditions for flora and fauna to grow and flourish. Ambalapuzha Sree Krishna Temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is constructed in Kerala style of architecture and is famous for its rice pudding Pal Payasam.

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The following suggested destination is Bekal. Bekal is a quaint town in Kerala state map known for its forts, alluring beaches, and beautiful backwaters. The charm makes it an attraction for many travelers and couples looking for a romantic escape.

Bekal fort was once a military station of Tipu Sultan, and it’s located sixty-five kilometers from Mangalore, offering a fascinating view of the Arabian Sea. It is a keyhole-shaped structure built by Shivappa Nayaka of Bednore for defense purposes.

And if you fancy going for a swim, Bekal Beach is one of the well-maintained beaches of Kasargod, covering an area of thirty-five acres. The couples can also enjoy horse and camel rides and local snacks sold on the beach.

Kappil Beach is another spectacular beach with transparent blue waters and golden sand. The beach portion is reserved exclusively for the Taj Bekal Resort and Spa. Enjoy walking on the long stretch of sand along the coastline and reach the Varkala Cliff, which can be trekked by several trails.

Finally, it would be best to skip Bekal Hole Aqua Park, an amusement park that entertains its guests with many water rides, and it can offer extra fun to your romantic getaway. 


kerala map in princely states in karnataka

Located on the backwaters of Kerala, you should include the final romantic destination in your trip. Kumarakom has endless canals where houseboats pass through the waters. It is a captivating honeymoon destination if you are searching for a luxurious and romantic vacation, and you can opt to stay at the cute houseboats. The boat glides through green paddy fields with tall coconut groves.

At the same time, the Kumarakom bird sanctuary covers an area of fourteen acres and is a favorite place for migratory birds and a haven for bird watchers or ornithologists. Situated on the banks of Vembanad Lake in Kerala’s backwaters is a wonderland full of joy and delight. There are houseboats and motorboats available for rent for an enriching experience as you unfurl the hidden gems and gifts of mother Nature. You can also visit the Toddy Shops and grass-roofed buildings selling this local palm wine.

I should note that fishing was once a means of earning for locals but helped lure tourists as traditional methods are used to catch fish. So, you can test your patience as you try for a good catch while Angling at the canals across the village.

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Final thoughts

To conclude, a honeymoon in Kerala will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience you will truly cherish. Its fact and beauty will leave your partner in awe and give you the most beautiful memories. The five places mentioned above are just the beginning of what Kerala offers to newlyweds. For those looking for special extras, there are also many different holiday packages for couples who want to make the most of their trip. I recommend planning your trip with Kerala Honeymoon Packages for a romantic getaway, as it will improve your holiday experience and ensure hassle-free from start to finish. From stunningly white beaches and serene lakes to mysterious backwaters and mesmerizing wildlife – this destination can grant you all you wish for during one of the most critical times of your life.