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As Christopher McCandless said, happiness is only real when shared.

So here are suggestions, advice, and resources for the ones who crave better and more fulfilling relationships.

Feeling off and overwhelmed without knowing the exact reason? My free assessment will help you find some answers.

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The Top 30 One-Sided Effort Relationship Quotes to Relief Your Heart

Imagine the agony of pouring your heart into a relationship only to realize you're the only one making an effort. The bitter taste of unrequited love can leave you feeling drained, lost, and questioning your worth. One-sided relationships are like silent storms, causing heartache, stress, and an insidious erosion of joy and self-esteem.

The 21 Stages of a Narcissistic Relationship: Here’s How to Escape & Heal

In relationships, identifying someone with narcissistic personality disorder can be challenging. A narcissist attracts others by presenting themselves as charismatic and assured, possessing a captivating charm. However, underneath this appealing exterior, there's a person who is manipulative and self-focused, prioritizing their own needs over their partner's emotions. Being in a relationship with such

Best Free Covert Narcissist Test: Are You Dealing With a Narcissist?

Narcissism, a term often associated with blatant expressions of pride and self-admiration, has a subtler form known as covert narcissism. This variant, recently presented by researchers like Paul Wink and Jonathan Cheek, can be equally harmful, although it's more challenging to recognize. This article aims to guide most people through a free online

How to Deal With Abandonment Issues: Top Tips For Healing

The fear of abandonment can significantly affect your relationships and well-being, as there is always a paralyzing terror of ending up alone and forgotten. Most likely, your fear prevents you from fully experiencing the love you crave, a self-fulfilling prophecy that hurts you even more. You need patience, willingness, and self-compassion to understand

Narcissist Gaslighting: 19 Ways to Spot This Dangerous Abuse

Narcissists are known for their grandiose self-image, which is often leveraged to manipulate people and achieve their goals. But it's not just the narcissist's personality that makes narcissists dangerous—it's also their tactics. Narcissists typically employ the use of narcissist gaslighting to manipulate their victims. This article will discuss how to detect narcissist gaslighting

Anxious-Avoidant Relationship: The Tested Guide For a Happy End

Navigating an anxious-avoidant relationship is like solving a complex puzzle with missing pieces. It's a dance of push and pull, love and fear, desire for closeness, and craving for independence. I know this all too well because I've been on that rollercoaster ride. In my wellness journey, I discovered that being an anxious

Therapy for Narcissistic Abuse: The 5 Best Affordable Alternatives

If you're a victim of narcissistic abuse, you just landed in the right place. I fully empathize with the emotional roller-coaster, heartache, and stress caused by a relationship with a narcissist. I also know that recovering from narcissistic abuse requires emotional support, self-care, self-reflection, and education about the dynamics of unhealthy relationships. Thus,

The Most Common Avoidant Attachment Triggers & How to Handle Them

Love can unravel our deepest fears, and in my journey of love, I've learned that it's not always a smooth, unbroken road. My partner and I embarked on a beautiful yet complex journey of togetherness, where the ebbs and flows of our insecure attachment styles became the backdrop of our story. I thought

When a Narcissist Sees You Cry: Here’s Why It’s a Trap

Seeing someone crying can trigger empathy, compassion, and a desire for comfort in most of us. But when a narcissist sees you cry, the reaction might not be what you'd typically expect. Mental professionals often label narcissists as self-centered, lacking empathy, and having a grandiose view of themselves. So, how does a person

Narcissist Hoovering: 8 Behavior Examples With Best Responses

Have you ever felt like an ex-partner or family member who exhibits narcissistic traits and from whom you tried to keep distance is trying to 'hoover' or engage you back into their life after a harsh period of no contact? If so, then it's likely that the individual in question is exhibiting what's

How Much Is Couples Therapy? (With Best Virtual Alternatives)

Couples therapy (subtly different from couples counseling) can strengthen and restore relationships, particularly during challenging couple problems or when communication becomes strained. It offers a safe and supportive space for couples to explore their concerns, improve understanding, practice emotional vulnerability, and develop healthier patterns of interaction. Couples can navigate difficulties, conserve their mental

9 Top Relationship Boundaries List Examples & How to Say “No”

I once found myself entangled in a relationship that started beautifully but slowly began to blur the lines between support and suffocation. Learning the hard way, I discovered the significance of relationship boundaries. This journey unveiled the delicate art of balancing closeness with individuality and trust with autonomy. Spending time in solitude while

How to Fix Anxious Attachment Style: The 9 Top Tested Strategies

As an anxiously attached person, I was shocked to find out I wasn't entirely right to push my long-distance, avoidant partner further away with my behavior (more than 4500 actual miles already separating us.) I've also hated using the word "fix" regarding my relationship anxiety. Learning how to fix anxious attachment style automatically

The Narcissist Prayer: How To Dive Into the Narcissistic Soul

The narcissist's prayer is a short poem by Dyana Craig that offers a glimpse into the mind of a narcissist. The poem reflects on the narcissists' selfishness and lack of empathy and how they believe these qualities make them better than others. Narcissists believe they're entitled to love and admiration and should be

Emotional Permanence Explained & 5 Top Tips on How to Cope

Are you stuck in a never-ending cycle regarding how close to others you're craving to be? Always sensing that the same emotions of abandonment continue to come back and haunt you no matter what you do? If so, then you may be experiencing a lack of emotional permanence. Emotional permanence refers to understanding

How Hyper-Independence Can Signify Trauma (& 5 Ways To Cope)

It's natural for us to want independence and control over our own lives. However, if we take it too far, it can become "hyper-independence" - a state of mind that harms mental and physical health by causing trouble in your relationships. This phenomenon could signify underlying trauma or difficult life circumstances that cause

Can a Narcissist Change And Form a Healthy Bond?

After many conversations with my clients, personal experience, and research, I have decided to write about this topic as I was constantly being asked the same question. Can a narcissist change? I genuinely feel like there are narcissists who can change, though they are viewed with a lot of negativity and bitterness nowadays.

Free Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Test & How to Spot High-Functioning BPD

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a complex mental health condition affecting millions worldwide. Known for its wide range of symptoms and challenging nature, borderline personality disorder can often go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, leading to prolonged suffering for those affected. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of BPD, particularly in high-functioning individuals, can be a

Reactive Abuse & Narcissism: What Is It & How To Deal With It

Are you feeling emotionally manipulated and controlled in your most intimate relationships, reacting in a harmful and destructive way? Do moments of self-doubt, regret, and hurt seem to linger long after every interaction? If so, reactive abuse might be at play.  Reactive abuse triggers our concealed insecurities, subconscious childhood trauma, or rooted attachment

Dismissive Avoidant Attachment: The Push & Pull That Destroys

Do you ever want to connect and form a relationship with someone but instinctively push them away when any hint of emotional closeness develops? Can you recall that ex of yours who, although they seemed to like you and enjoy your company, got cold feet whenever you expressed your feelings or lavished them

Fearful Avoidant Attachment: 7 Signs of Craving & Fearing Love

Can you recall that friend who gets clingy and overly emotional when his partner forgets to call, but she's also unresponsive to his efforts to form a close relationship? Or that guy with high avoidance of an intimate bond and a fear of ending up alone? These are typical behaviors of people with

The 7 Stages of Trauma Bonding – Here’s Why You Can’t Leave

Imagine waking up daily feeling trapped, confused, and unsure of how to break free from a relationship that leaves you drained and abused. This is the reality for many who have fallen into the trap of trauma bonding, a tricky and often deceptive form of emotional attachment that occurs when someone repeatedly causes

35 Best Karma Narcissist Quotes That Will Shake Your World

Are you or were you trapped in a highly narcissistic relationship? If yes, chances are you're seeking outlets to express your suffering. Not many people can understand the pain that comes with a narcissist in your life. Narcissists are overly self-absorbed, possess an inflated sense of entitlement, and think mostly about themselves. They're

The Best 25 Journal Prompts For Mental Health to Break Trauma

Regular journaling is a powerful tool for mental health and can be used anytime to break through the barriers of built-up trauma. If you are committed to self-growth as I am, writing down your thoughts, feelings, and experiences should be indispensable to a night or morning routine. Filling out a few journal prompts

“Why Do I Get Attached So Easily?” The Main Reasons & 7 Tips

Before I settled with my partner, I'd been spending years becoming emotionally attached to almost everybody I'd date (even to those who didn't particularly interest me.) I knew I suffered from low self-esteem and an anxious attachment style, which I had been trying to heal for years. And although I acknowledged my situation,

The Top 21 Questions For A New Relationship To Develop Intimacy

Are you in a new relationship and looking to take it to the next level? Or maybe you’re trying your best with a potential partner without quite managing to deepen your connection. Either way, having fun and meaningful conversations is essential for building intimacy, whether a new romance or an attempt to deepen

15 Obvious Female Narcissist Traits & Ways to Protect Yourself

Have you ever encountered a self-centered, manipulative woman who seemed to suck all the energy out of any room she entered? Or perhaps you have that female friend you adore, but somehow she always manages to cross your boundaries? You may have interacted with a female narcissist. However, not every manipulative or self-absorbed

What Kills Long Distance Relationships? (And How to Make It Work)

A long-distance relationship can bring many intense and remarkable moments, and the anticipation of meeting your significant other can enhance those moments even more.  Often, the excitement towards a person is equivalent to the tension of the moment you're sharing.  Love from a distance is not necessarily a deal-breaker on building a connection and

5 Books on Attachment Theory Explain Your Obsession Over Certain People

Ever felt like you're just a little too obsessed with someone in your life? Well, science might have the answer. According to attachment theory - which looks at how our childhood emotional experiences create profound effects far into the future and also one's adult relationships – these powerful emotions we feel towards certain

5 Weird Things Covert Narcissists Do & Ways to Protect Yourself

Feeling like someone's taking advantage of you despite appearing shy and timid? You might be dealing with a covert narcissist. These people lack the heart and empathy to connect emotionally - leaving them unable to understand your feelings at all. So what does covert narcissism mean, and what are other weird things covert

Trapped in a Narcissistic Relationship Pattern? The 7 Awful Signs

Being in a relationship with a narcissist can be emotionally and mentally draining. Narcissists are often highly manipulative and use malicious techniques like gaslighting and shaming to control their partners. After being trapped in a narcissistic relationship pattern myself, I'm examining all the signs in this article so at least you'll know where

Empath And Narcissist Bond: 6 Reasons Narcissists Want Empathy

While being an empath can be a gift, it is important to recognize when entering into relationships with narcissists that the two personalities can make a traumatic combination. Narcissists may appear confident and charismatic on many levels. Still, this charm will quickly wear off as their lack of empathy becomes exposed in everyday

9 Mommy Issues in Men That Make Him Avoid Commitment

Navigating the murky waters of relationship commitment can be tricky, especially if your partner struggles with unresolved traumas from his childhood. What are mommy issues in men, and what can we do with them? Get ready to discover how these unconscious influences could impact a romantic relationship, find out what strategies to use

The 45 Best Gaslighting Quotes to Prove It’s Their Fault

Have you ever felt like something is off in your relationship but can't quite put the finger on it? Gaslighting — an insidious form of emotional abuse — may be the cause. Famous authors and leaders have described this psychological manipulation with memorable gaslighting quotes that offer insight into its dynamic. From Kafka's

How to Let Go of Someone you Almost Had? (The Best Strategies)

It's the era of non-stop, swapping left and right, and casual half-flirting led by thoughts such as; "Why would I make a move? I can find her Instagram/tinder/Facebook profile and start the game online." The options of potential partners are unlimited, no one fits quite right, and many people seem to struggle

How to make friends: 12 top strategies for quality friendships

By that point in your life, you might see yourself as an adult with a full-fledged schedule and multiple responsibilities that keep you away from making new friends. You probably think there's no time for meeting new, exciting people, and you have a bunch of high-school friends you meet here and there.  Or,

How to Expose a Gaslighter: The 9 Smartest Ways

Have you ever felt like something you did or said got blown way out of proportion? Or maybe someone made you feel crazy and doubted yourself for asking something simple. You're in the right place! This article covers how to expose a gaslighter using the most brilliant and less-drama ways possible. It also

“Why Do I Attract Narcissists?” 7 Main Reasons & How to Stop it

More often than not, we are drawn to people with personalities and interests like ours. But it can be puzzling when you keep attracting people with emotional issues. You ask yourself: why do I attract narcissists? Even though they might be blatantly destructive and detrimental, their narcissistic tendencies always seem to get the

Am I Being Gaslighted Quiz: The Best Free Quiz To Find Out

Sometimes it's not easy to understand whether you're being gaslighted, and it's even more challenging to confront others for it. That's why I'm making your life easier today by allowing you to take a free "Am I being gaslighted" quiz. Chances are, if your gut tells you that you are being

How Does a Narcissist React When They Can’t Control You?

If you are you wondering how does a narcissist react when they can't control you, there is a particular pattern. A feeling engulfs them when they see you no longer stay within their whims and caprices. Narcissistic abuse is far too common in society. Many people have fallen prey to narcissistic targets, which

How to connect with people and feel less lonely

No matter how confident and popular you are, sometimes it can get lonely out there. You might be comfortable with being on your own and enjoying your "me" time thoroughly, but there will be moments you'd wish to socialize or connect with people who understand your thoughts without much talking.  I'm a natural

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