To all of you who want to travel alone, but for any reason you don’t, please keep reading. This piece of writing contains my personal advice and the life-changing experiences that my trips offered me.

There are a lot of people who support that “traveling doesn’t accomplish much” or “young people should have other priorities,” I will choose to say instead: “let the person who prioritizes traveling to travel.” 

I will give the necessary guidance and help these people attain their goals by providing advice and realistic remote-work information for a location-free lifestyle. I won’t be against the people who quit 9 to 5 jobs to follow their dreams, but I won’t say either, “if they can’t do it, you can do it too.” 

“Travelling is distracting; traveling is not a cure for the mind; traveling won’t save you.” 

Yes, that’s true. If you get away with everything messed up and your wellness state disturbed, your mess will follow you. 

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However, no one has the guts to experience more of the world and then regrets it.

I want to experience as much of the world as possible by leaving a part of my soul everywhere I go. I want to use my taste, smell, and eyes to create memories all over the planet.

If you ‘re able to be location-free, or in other words, have the flexibility to go everywhere, that is (perhaps) a temporary life stage you have to take advantage of. 

My nomadic life is a part of my journey, and I don’t regret it a second; the moments are transformative and life-changing.

So, why traveling in your 20’s is life-changing?

the life-changing magic of traveling alone

1) You don’t owe explanations to anyone

It was precisely one year where I could take a break from the future commitments, the “adult must-do” that I would settle my life on; debts, a corporate career, an MBA, old parents, a dog, kids, house mortgage.

My work allowed me to visit other continents and meet people from every corner of the earth. 

I developed my day to make time for a quick forward tour of the exciting stuff around the city; local food, people, and history.

How not owing explanations is life-changing?

As I was wandering around the planet, I was carrying alone the entire responsibility. And taking responsibility for your every move without explanations to family, friends, and coworkers gives another kind of maturity. It cultivates the art of making decisions, which is perhaps the most important habit you’ll grow throughout your life. 

2) You learn how to communicate with humans, utterly different than you

Every one of us is so same and so different in many, many ways. There’s a special kind of magic when you meet people abroad and try to understand them. 

I started feeling the benefits of individualization and diversity, which changed my life once and for all. I learned how to strengthen my bonds and create long-lasting friendships with people all over the world. 

But most importantly, I learned how to connect with people utterly different than me and keep in my life the ones that matter to me.

traveling alone is life-changing: you learn to communicate with different people

By traveling alone at a young age, I started feeling the benefits of individualization and diversity, which changed my life once and for all.

3) You don’t let the day’s distractions carry you away from what matters the most

During my long haul flights, up in the air, I would reflect on all those distracting moments that happened down to earth. Without phone or Wifi distraction, I took advantage of the flight-time to plan my tasks and introspect.

During the waiting airport times — annoying and time-wasting for most people-, I would learn from books, notice people of all kinds around me, observing my mind by meditating, or simply relaxing with movies or series. Netflix was something that didn’t belong to my daily routine, but only to my airport/plane one.

All these happened because I didn’t have the “day’s distractions.” I realized how to be grateful for the travel ability I offered to myself. 

I appreciated everyday life when I was back on track in my mother country by visiting my friends, family, and colleagues (even my bed).

 I managed to create a reality where travel was an integral part of myself. My travels took part in my gratitude’s realization path. 

I felt grateful for having the time and the privilege to wander around the world and be productive.

4) You realize when there’s a need for an escape and why 

life-changing magic of traveling alone: uncovering the need to escape

Whether in front of the Tokyo tower, golden gate bridge, or Amsterdam canals, I had to sit down– and deal with my feelings. Traveling alone will help you come in touch with your thoughts.

Indeed, there were moments when I used traveling as an escape, only to realize it couldn’t save me. My demons were following me wherever I was running.

I wouldn’t understand or face that problem; however, it wasn’t for me to experience being in a different place and facing the same thoughts. I always felt better when I took the time to deal with those in the other environment than my familiar bedroom or my best friend’s wine spot. 

Whether in front of the Tokyo tower, golden gate bridge, or Amsterdam canals, I had to sit down– and deal with my feelings. I didn’t have house distractions, gym reminders, or family dinner time.

 I was accompanied only by my mind and soul, in a place where I had no one to share what I was experiencing. No one, besides my notepad, my camera, and my journal. 

And sometimes, that shaped a more-than-enough reason for me to have self-talk and introspect. I realized what my life was lacking and made an action plan with goals, motivations, and habits to put everything in order. 

your personalized action plan

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5) You become more independent

Yes, I have been through the hectic time-zones that I couldn’t reach anyone. The moments of loneliness have hit me, together with the jet lag sickness and the zero people to talk to. 

It was not easy, but it was one of the many moments I could prove to myself I’m capable on my own. I realized I’m an extrovert, and I loved people, but I enjoy my own company as well. My travels made me independent.

the life-changing magic of traveling alone

Conclusion – Why traveling in your 20’s is life-changing:

I will keep encouraging people to see more of the world. Whether an international trip or a home country destination, you will see a lot of the world at a reasonable price, literally at your doorstep. 

Exposing yourself to a new scene and vibe can nurture your thoughts and change bad habits. Please take advantage of it; try it at least once. To recap, here’s why traveling alone in your 20’s is life-changing: 

  • You don’t owe explanations to anyone.
  • You learn how to communicate with people totally different than you.
  • You don’t let the day’s distractions carry you away from what matters the most to your soul.
  • You realize whether there’s a need for an escape and why
  • You become more independent.