There is no doubt that you’ll get to have some of your best experiences if you take the first step towards a solo trip. While being on your own, you won’t need any spectacular or unrepeatable moment to have some fun with yourself on your terms. The magic of a solo trip is hidden in the small details; I hope the following ideas might help you release it.

1) Get a road trip and put your favorite song aloud

Whether you fly to another country or choose to drive around your state, experiencing the road is a must for every solo traveler. Rent a car, find the most scenic route, put your favorite music on, and take a long drive at your own pace.

2) Buy yourself some dinner at a nice restaurant

The first time I thought about it, I thought it would look weird. When I found the courage to sit in a nice restaurant unaccompanied, not only it wasn’t embarrassing, but it was also admirable. You end up becoming friends with the staff or listening to the guy’s stories at the next table.

3) Treat yourself to a stay at a fancy hotel

I an immense fan of luxury hotel treats. Even better if I have a bathtub, room views, comfy bed, and my favorite music all to myself. Wear as few clothes as possible, order room service, and do your favorite indoor activities. It can be meditation, reading, or planning your next busy day outside.

4) Visit an art gallery or a museum

Honestly, I get the most out of art when I’m solo. That’s because I can wander around, read the inscriptions, or admire a painting at my own pace.
Sharing the experience with someone can also be nice, don’t get me wrong. But exploring art pieces when being alone, concentrated, and lost in the moment is equally exciting and enjoyable.

5) Explore the surroundings and socialize with locals

Take a walking tour and make the most of your journey by actually asking locals for recommendations. They know places and add a personal taste to your options, which can make a big difference to your trip if you are not a big fan of reading every review in Google maps.

6) Get a massage at a local spa

Yes, you deserve to relax too. To me, traveling is not only about walking the city, sightseeing, and taking photos. Traveling is also about relaxation, pleasure, and wellness. Take advantage of that combination when you travel alone; not all of your friends or partners will have the same taste as you when you share a trip.

7) Prepare a picnic and have it in a park (don’t forget your book)

There is a lovely green park to almost any place you’ll visit (and statistically, you’ll get to have a nice-weather day). Prepare your favorite snacks and drinks -it can be tea, coffee, refreshments, or sparkling wine (!)-. Find your favorite spot and make the most of the day with your headphones and your book. You’ll find peace.

8) Find the best bar in town and buy yourself a drink

That is one of my top things to do alone, even in my city. I usually have my books with me (okay, that might seem weird, I know), but I enjoy reading in a bar while having my favorite drink. Well, I usually end up socializing with everyone.

If I’m on a rooftop, I can enjoy the views endlessly while having a cocktail or two. When I choose a Cuban or a salsa bar, I end up dancing like crazy. Just do the first step, go alone, and buy yourself a drink.

9) Visit a national/local library and get lost in a book

Libraries are ideal places for solo travelers, as you can’t chat with your partner/friend once you visit. I wasn’t a big fan of libraries when I was studying (I preferred coffee spots or my room). When I started traveling, I found the experience profound and unique.

I discovered books I couldn’t find at the airport or mall bookstores. I admired the architecture and met all kinds of people, and the overall experience gave me a fulfilling sense.

10) Be social, smile to strangers, and get to know their stories

Meeting new people and being a great listener is one of the most rewarding benefits of solo traveling. The depth of a relationship with a stranger when you’re alone can differ from the one you get to have while in a group.
I’m a firm believer in individualization, and I think everyone has something unique to offer. I love practicing my listening skills with others, get to know them, understand them. The people who come from an entirely different background and place than us can be even more enjoyable. Their stories and approaches will give you a wholly new perspective. Make sure you respect the differences and be tolerant of their views and paths.

What’s your favorite thing to do as a solo traveler?
Let me know more ideas in the comments!