“Being a magnetic person” is a very generic statement. Aren’t magnetic personalities something subjective? Some personality traits that are magnetic for a few people can be a turn-off for others. A guide on “how to have a magnetic personality” might seem even more non-specific.

And although you can try to be a magnetic person to others, sometimes that clashes with your integrity and sense of self. However, there are certain traits that are perceived by the majority of people as magnetic personalities. And if you can easily attain magnetic qualities, you can succeed in most fields of life.

The truth is, most of us want to be liked and unforgettable. Even those who claim that others’ opinions are irrelevant might want to pull certain people into their lives.

how to have a magnetic personalityHow can I be a magnetic person, doing what I already know daily for myself and others? 

I used to be a girl obsessed with the details of my appearance. Whether my face is symmetric, my weight-appropriate, my clothes elegant, or my nails are painted and well-shaped.

I thought that someone would look at my face, body, or style and decide whether I would be liked based entirely on those. I was constantly trying to find ways to be prettier

I spent hours getting ready in front of a mirror because I thought the first impression someone had about me was crucial.

Well, I was wrong.

I was a fine-looking girl, but eventually, people chose me in their lives because of my personality traits. My character, after all, made me unique.

Looks are essential if you want to catch the eye, but they are not the determinant factor for attractiveness. You can still spike interest and connect with those around you with your positive outlook, good sense of humor, and charisma or qualities.

It usually reflects in other people’s eyes when you’re capable of improving and taking care of yourself for your sake.

But what are the core magnetic personality traits? And how can we cultivate them to improve our relationships?

Here’s how to cultivate magnetic personality traits by doing what you already know:

1) Accept who you are and be authentic.

Improving yourself by being the only person with authenticity.Improving yourself by being authentic.

Sounds obvious. Most people are not okay with themselves and don’t even know who they are, making them pretend to be or act upon something they aren’t feeling.

Having zero integrity is the worst thing you can do for yourself and those around you. People have a radar for faking, and they seem to spot whether someone is not genuine in his identity and doesn’t feel comfortable in his own skin.

Have you ever felt pity for your cousin trying to impress his new date with material things that he borrows from others?

Have you ever wondered about what this poor man is trying to sell since he doesn’t look as if he believes in the product at all?

You don’t want that for yourself. You want to date magnetic people with whom you can feel comfortable, working for products or services you believe in, and wearing clothes and brands that reflect your economic and social status.

Don’t fake it. It stinks. Try to radiate authenticity instead.

How to have a magnetic personality by being authentic: 

I started to understand how authenticity worked when I started improving my self-esteem. Confidence is a powerful tool. You begin by accepting that it is okay not to be perfect.

People are utterly obsessed with their weaknesses that they forget they have strengths, too. Authentic people know how to initiate actions and draw people by leveraging their strengths. Instead of obsessing over your imperfections, make a wise choice, and get to know your strengths. 

The book in the link can help you identify your vital personality assets and how you can cultivate them to maximize your personalized potential.

When you focus on your positive traits and spend time with yourself, you gain confidence in acting as you are, thus being more authentic. Being authentic and knowing your strengths can easily attract people.

2) Offer to give more.

Being better by being the real you and giving moreYou can train to let yourself feel joy when you are lovably acting to benefit someone.

I derive a specific kind of joy when I simply give to others.

Since I was a kid, I pleasantly watched my classmate’s smiles when I gave them my last snack during the class break.

When people share their struggles, I find it natural to gift my unsolicited advice and emotionally support them. Whenever I see a friend or a family member trying to finish a task, I will instinctively offer my help.

If my husband has a tough day, I will give him a back rub or massage his feet just because I want to make him relax.

I am naturally fond of giving. However, that particular trait can be challenging, as not everyone is a natural giver.

Charismatic people give without being asked, and those specific actions can be enormously appreciated. Also, giving is among the ways on how to make a person feel loved.

How magnetic people are prone to giving more: 

Most of us are expecting when we are giving. However, you can train to let yourself feel joy when you are lovably acting to benefit someone. Face it spiritually, as karma.

Let yourself be kind and helpful, and don’t think selfishly.

Start slowly by doing someone a favor without expecting anything in return. It is definitely among the ways to better yourself, and your magnetism helps draw people toward you.

3) Learn how to listen and empathize.

Empathetic listening as a top positive qualityImproving yourself through empathetic listening.

I’ve met a handful of people, yet only a few could listen to my story, worry, or statement while maintaining eye contact and without interrupting or letting their minds travel somewhere else after a few minutes.

We all want to be that person talking about our ideas, feelings, and desires. We all want to brag about our accomplishments. However, nobody seems willing to listen mindfully.

Sometimes, all we need to feel better on a tough day or recover from a failure is to have someone willing to listen without interrupting us with opinions, advice, or ways to improve.

Most people seem to be in a hurry to reply or offer solutions without understanding why someone shares their ideas and feelings.

When you’re able to be quiet, mindfully listen and be genuinely interested in the talker, you strengthen your bond and receive appreciation.

How to better yourself by listening and empathizing: 

Most people understand that listening is far more valuable than talking, yet a few are active listeners. Your magnetic personality should be reflected in your body language and facial expressions, where you provide undivided attention to the talker.

Be as passionate about listening as you are about wanting to be heard.”

Bene Braun. 

Try to practice listening by being quiet for the first five minutes. Commit to giving your answer or advice only once your fellow has finished. Also, offer your full attention. Don’t scroll at your phone screen. Don’t let your focus travel elsewhere.

Be there. Be mindful. And respond positively.

4) Understand and control your emotions.

Becoming a better person by controlling your emotions. Becoming a better person by understanding and managing your emotions.

I always admire those emotionally intelligent people who are frequently in touch with their inner selves. They know what they feel and why they’re feeling it and have no problems accepting, expressing, or interpreting it.

A high-energy individual can attract followers and maintain forward movement with body language and genuine emotions.

However, understanding your feelings is not enough. Controlling and communicating your emotions is way more important in human relationships.

Train yourself to have power over your senses, don’t let them overwhelm you, or lead you to behaviors you’ll later regret.

How to improve yourself by understanding & controlling your emotions: 

When we experience negative emotions such as frustration, disappointment, or anger is extremely difficult to communicate lovingly or reason and interpret our feelings.

In his book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,” John Gray suggests that writing your negative feelings on paper is an excellent way to become aware of your feelings and how unloving you may sound.

Tension can be released, and your approach toward the other person can be adjusted, resulting in further acceptance and understanding.

Another great way to understand your feelings is through journaling. Great journals and self-care planners with daily prompts can help you start.

Check my spiritual healing guide, which is a holistic self-care tool with daily morning and evening prompts to help you get started; even if you don’t know what to write about.

5) Be kind to everyone, even to haters.

“Kindness is choosing to acknowledge and celebrate the beauty in others, regardless of whether or not they can find it in themselves.”


There’s so much hate in this world, and being kind costs nothing. Kind people also carry a positive charisma, making everyone appreciate and admire their warm smiles, healthy positivity, and generosity.

If you can be anything, first of all, be kind.

How to have a magnetic personality through kindness:  

It’s normal not to like everyone. However, you can always try to see the good in people and believe there’s good in this world.

Instead of exposing your negativity towards someone, try to give hope to all those who think they’re alone in this world. They need your kindness the most.


6) Stay loyal to your hobbies and passions.

Being a better person by staying loyal to your hobbies and passionsYour enthusiasm for life will be unforgettable. 

There’s nothing more attractive than a passionate person who pursues his beliefs with excitement. It doesn’t matter what that is. It can be art, sports, writing, reading, or vinyl records.

When you can stay loyal and prioritize something that you’re passionate about, chances are people will want to get to know you more. Your enthusiasm for life will be unforgettable.

How to have a magnetic personality by staying loyal to yourself: 

Don’t do it for others. Do it for yourself. Find your muse, understand what that “one thing” that you love to do is.

You can’t force or fake passion, so it has to be something that genuinely comes within you.

7) Have a well, balanced approach to your life

how to be a better person through balanceA balanced approach to life is key.

Balanced people are the ones who can allocate time and energy to different aspects of their well-being.

They adopt healthy habits and bodies, maintain their social life by going out with friends, invest in becoming better to their partners, are open and adjustable to changes, take risks, and embrace fear.

What can be more attractive than a multi-sided person with a character who cares for herself, is open to everything the world offers, and knows how to grab opportunities?

How to be a better person by having a balanced life: 

Understand the six dimensions of wellness and don’t neglect any. Your overall wellness depends on how your body looks and your emotional, social, occupational, intellectual, and spiritual life. You should maintain a life’s balance by reaching an optimal level to all of the wellness dimensions.

which wellness dimension are you neglecting?If you want to know which wellness dimension you’re neglecting, make sure to take my free 2-min wellness quiz.

People who don’t have a sense of wholeness and are unsatisfied with aspects of their lives (work, personal life, body, etc.) are prone to addictions, obsessions, dopamine highs, and escapism.

8) Have boundaries over your relationships.

Let’s assume you have some values and customs in your life that your partner, friend, or sibling doesn’t get. Whether that is traveling solo, having undisturbed “me-time” during the day, or going out with your mum, just the two of you.

Instead of compromising by sacrificing those things, it is beautiful to set healthy boundaries and explain your feelings and point of view to your person.

People who can set healthy boundaries are less likely to be trapped in a narcissistic relationship pattern and other abusive relationship types or gaslighting manipulation and can easily manifest a great partner.

How to be a better person by setting boundaries: 

Being a better person by setting boundariesIf your people cannot accept the healthy boundaries you’ve set, maybe it’s time to re-examine the relationship.

As long as your desires don’t interfere with the other person’s happiness, don’t let the fear of upsetting someone you love consume you.

If that person loves and respects you, she will trust you and be happy with everything that makes you happy.

Don’t give up on what makes you who you are, ever.

Everything or anyone who can be aligned with the things you love and feel comfortable with your standards, interests, and passions belongs to your world.

If that is not happening and your people cannot accept the healthy boundaries you’ve set, maybe it’s time to re-examine the relationship.

A must-read book on learning how to deal with the topic is Boundaries by Henry Cloud.

9) Spread positivity and be honestly happy for other people’s success

That step is also related to self-esteem and confidence. If you know your worth and pursue your goals passionately, other people’s success will inspire you and make you cheerful.

But if you find yourself being envious or obsessed over what other people possess, it’s probably your insecurity.

How to be a better person through positivity and honesty: 

Take a deep breath and stop comparing yourself, your relationships, or your possessions to others.

Remember that you have the same potential for achievement, and the more you waste time making malicious comments or thoughts, the farther you are from the top.

Read more: The 45 top manifestation affirmations to attract abundance & self-love

10) Keep learning, growing, and sharing your wisdom

Nothing is more critical when bettering yourself than stimulating mental activities that you find enjoyable.

To live is to learn, and a good person knows that expanding his knowledge and skills while sharing them with others is a gift.

Everyone cherishes intellectual growth, but a few can consistently learn and share their discoveries.

Being a better person by growing your knowledgeIntellectual curiosity is irresistible.

How to be a better person by growing your knowledge: 

Keep exploring issues related to your interests.

Start reading one or two monthly books related to the topics that stimulate you. You can start a new language, cook a new dish, or adopt a new hobby – embrace it and learn about it.

Commit to stretching your creative pursuits throughout your life.

The more you’ll challenge your mind, the more you’ll spike the interest around you. If you want to know more about challenging your mind, make sure you’ll explore the intellectual dimension of wellness (aka mental path) in this blog.

Intellectual curiosity is irresistible, and everyone should have it.

Conclusion on how to have a magnetic personality:

how to be a better person

There is no right or wrong way to implement all the aforementioned tactics. By taking small but decisive steps and making those behaviors a standard way of dealing with life, you’ll sense growth in and out.

For a holistic spiritual healing journey, don’t miss my guide.