So, you have been dreaming about this trip for ages, but you end up traveling alone as no one can join you. I can relate!

I fancy solo vacations, and I think everyone should travel alone at least once.

However, one of my main issues concerning my solo travel was revolving around my shoots. How would I take the perfect photos of myself and capture all those memories if no one was there to shoot me? 

It took me a bit of creativity, multiple experiments, and extra effort to get to the stage I am now. Still, I can finally take a valid number of beautiful photos of me while traveling alone. 

12 tricks to take photos of yourself when traveling alone

Most of my pics are so good that people asked me quite a lot who was the mysterious hubby behind my Instagram or who was the lucky one sharing that trip with me, even before I started blogging. 

So, I decided to put all the steps here so that you won’t waste time experimenting and worrying about your “singles vacations” shoots as I did. Start reading, equip yourself with the essentials, and make it happen.

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1) Research your spots before you reach your destination

research your travel destination

You can leverage the same photos you’re researching to inspire the perfect shoot.

Yes, we all have that instagrammable places in mind before we reach our dream destination. In fact, those spots might even be the reason that we chose that particular country or city – and there’s nothing wrong with that kind of inspiration. 

You can leverage the same photos you’re researching to inspire the perfect photo by choosing the angle, the time of the day, or even the outfit. Remember, things might not go as planned, but it’s better to have some things in mind beforehand to avoid losing time brainstorming the perfect shoot when you’re there. 

2) Stop worrying about the people around you

I always believed that people would find me silly if I strike stupid and sexy poses on my phone or camera. Then I asked myself two questions; How important is the opinion of irrelevant strangers to me? What does it matter more, what they think of me, people I will never meet again, or get a photo I will eventually like and keep forever? 

Good. Keep asking yourself these two questions whenever a stranger is staring at you, and that’s distracting you from planning the perfect photo. 

3) When you’re traveling alone, avoid peak times in crowded places

When traveling alone, avoid crowded places

You’ll have to avoid peak hours at the famous places to get the perfect shot.

Even if you give zero cares about what people think about you when you pose, you’ll have to avoid the peak hours at famous and touristic places. It might tire you, but the optimal time of the day to make the perfect shoot is the sunrise because of the lighting and the lack of people around. (Well, unless you are in Cappadocia).

4) Try a selfie stick at first

perfect selfie stick and tripod for your shots on your solo travels

Tripod and selfie stick all in one with remote control. You can buy it online here.

You can start experimenting right away – even if your house or neighborhood- using a selfie stick and your smartphone. That will help you try some poses, angles and find your right profile. Your smartphone and camera settings are equally important. No matter how upgraded and professional is your equipment, make sure you can fully leverage it for the optimal outcome. 

I personally use this one. 

It can be both a selfie stick and a tripod. It works with Bluetooth, which is extremely convenient and it has a led light for the perfect lighting.

5) Use a tripod

Tripod will be your best friend on your solo trips. There are many to choose from, and If you wonder which one you should buy, that depends on your goals. If you have a camera, consider that one.

If you want to start experimenting with your phone and think that your smartphone’s camera is decent for some initial shoots, consider the one above. 

6) Leverage your smartphone’s timer

Smartphone's timer for when you travel alone

Most smartphones have timers on their camera settings.

If you don’t have a remote control yet (see below), you can quickly try and get some first shots using your smartphone’s timer. Your smartphones’ timer will help you strike the right pose and have some time to prepare yourself for the picture. Just make sure the frame you want to capture is the right one. It’s a fun experience; trust me!

7) Remote control is your lifesaver

You’ll achieve the best result using these two; a remote-control and your smartphone’s timer, even with a tripod. If you’re using your smartphone, a remote-control with a Bluetooth connection will help. Connect these two, keep the control on your hand (hidden), and press the button every time you wish to capture the photo. 

If you’re using a professional camera, connect your smartphone with your camera’s Bluetooth, it will work precisely like remote control, with the benefit of seeing yourself on the screen, of course.

8) Use a drone

A drone will take the most creative and best shots of yourself you can imagine. 

No need to mention how useful a drone will be in case you’re on your own. It will become your little friend very fast, and it will take the most creative pictures you can imagine. 

One thing to keep in mind is that you can’t fly the drone everywhere, so you have to check the zone areas before attempting the shoot. If you’re new to the game and want to experiment/learn, this friend will do most of the work. 

If you opt for more professional shots and videos, you should go for that one

9) Try the burst mode 

Many cameras and smartphones have a burst mode option. That means that your camera or your phone will take many photos in quick succession each time you click the shoot button. This mode is handy for action shots if you want some special effects or details in your picture.

10) Take some time experimenting and taking multiple photos

Take multiple shoots when u travel alone

Make sure you have enough pics to choose from.


That’s another benefit of solo traveling – you have all the time in your hands and no one to complain or getting tired of making photos if you’re not satisfied with your shoots. Make sure you have enough pics to choose from, and whenever something doesn’t fit the overall concept, change it. 

11) Don’t be shy to ask for help

I have to admit; some people were willing to help me get some lovely photos when they were spotting me try with my tripod and timer. Sometimes, I had to ask; and some people even declined, but that’s okay! I had some of my best pictures taken by literally strangers and with only one try. It can happen!

Two notes here when you’re traveling alone: 

1) If you don’t like the pic, don’t force someone to retry. Thank the person, wait for him/her to go away, and try your luck with the next one. You cannot train a stranger to take the perfect shot of you or demand one’s time. 

2) Be careful with your things and whom you’re asking!

12) If nothing of the above works, hire someone to take photos of you while traveling alone

When you 're traveling alone, hire a photographer

When you’re traveling alone, hire a photographer.

Yes, we live in the digital era. Yes, there are professional photo services and people with experience in amateur photography who would love to offer their services—a win-win situation.

Conclusion: 12 great ways to take the best photos of yourself while traveling alone:

  1. Research your spots before you reach your destination
  2. Stop worrying about the people around you.
  3. Avoid peak times in crowded places.
  4. Start with a selfie stick.
  5. Use a tripod
  6. Leverage your smartphone’s timer
  7. Use a remote control.
  8. Buy a drone
  9. Try the burst mode
  10.  Take some time experimenting

Do you have more tips on making beautiful pics of yourself?

Time to offer some help by sharing them in the comments. 🙂