If you’re traveling solo as a woman, you already know what a fascinating experience can be. I genuinely enjoy single travel, join women’s travel groups and meet people in foreign places.

I’ve always been admiring women who travel alone. I must admit that, when physical attraction enters the game, solo female travel becomes even more interesting. 

Nothing can spice up more solo travel than warm smiles, new acquaintances, and exciting stories from men you never thought you’d be meeting. 

traveling solo as a woman: dating

The more I got used to dating abroad, the more attractive I was to the person I wanted.

If you ‘think you might be awkward or don’t know how to flirt, or your introverted personality might blow everything off – you’re not alone.

When I first started traveling and meeting men abroad, I worried that my English was not fluent, my dress was provocative, and my temper would betray my nervousness.

However, the more I got used to dating abroad, the more attractive I was to the person I wanted. So how can you date successfully when traveling solo as a woman? 

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Traveling solo as a woman – dating tips:

1) First and foremost, be your exotic self. 

traveling solo as a woman: be your exotic self

Leverage the traits that make you unique and exotic and be authentic.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a native speaker of the language, your accent is funny, or the way you greet people in your country differs. Understand that physical attraction has no speech, culture, or nationality.

After all, your origin is your power weapon when you date abroad. Take advantage of the characteristics that descend you from the native women that your foreign fling is mostly dating, you are you, and you’re different.  

Leverage the traits that make you unique and exotic and be authentic. When you embrace your authenticity, not only you become a better and more interesting person in his eyes, but also your charm will be irresistible. 

2) When traveling solo as a woman, you should always maintain your safety.

I love spark, adventure, and exploration. If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you know already that those are some of my values. However, I always prioritize my safety and well-being, and when something goes against my guts, an alarm rings. 

It’s okay to meet with people you don’t know or follow them after/spend the night with them if you wish to do so. Nevertheless, keep in mind that it would be safer to first meet in a busy place, with many people around, or let a close person always know where you are. 

Give the conversation time and space to evolve, but always trust your intuition. If something the other person says or does makes you feel uncomfortable, you stop having a good time, find an excuse, and leave politely. 

Your time and energy are precious, and you don’t want to waste them with the wrong matches. 

3) Use dating apps, but have a face to face approach too.

Traveling solo as a woman: Online dating

Online apps can accelerate the dating process and lead you to some fantastic people.

I am not a big fan of dating apps. The magic of serendipity fascinates me. I like to meet people on the go and not form an opinion from a couple of pictures and a vague description. 

Even so, online apps can accelerate the process and lead you to some fantastic people that you wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet otherwise, from the comfort of your hotel. 

Use them, leverage the digital era (and your wifi). However, don’t skip showing your interest to the cute guy who helped with your photoshoot when you struggled to take a picture of yourself. Why not grab a coffee and keep the conversation going?   

4) Learn some phrases of his language. 

What’s best for a woman who shows interest in his country and culture? It’s an excellent ice-breaking tactic, and it can lead to a lot of laughs. Help him learn some of yours, too, if that sparks his interest. There are apps like Duolingo and busuu that will help you learn some basic phrases. 

If he’s native in the country, leverage his knowledge and ask him many questions and recommendations about the place you’re visiting. 

Be careful; don’t make him feel that you’re using him as a free guide.

Listen carefully, look him in the eyes when he speaks -and laugh at his jokes (then they are funny, duh).

5) Keep your best outfit and make up for that day.

Traveling alone as a woman: Wear your best outfit and makeup

We all have our favorite piece of outfit and makeup – it will make us feel more confident on our dates.

Nothing will make you feel more confident, I promise. Chances are you will feel (and be) stunning, and that vibe will sparkle outwards – leaving your date amazed by your aura.

Do your hair, wear that dress, put on some makeup, shine bright, and get him.

6) Understand the dating culture of his country. 

For example, the girls who are swiping at online dating sites are considered hookup chasers by most men in Greece. 

On the contrary, when I was living in Singapore and having a casual conversation with friends, they looked at me like an alien when I confessed that I’d never used Tinder or Bumble. 

Dating cultures are different, so it’s useful to have an international approach and understand how things work in each country. Don’t get overly stressed about your image or your origin’s norms; remember, you do you. 

7) Set clear expectations and boundaries.

Traveling alone as a woman: expectations and boundaries in dating

Give time and space to yourself to understand the feelings and desires – and then communicate them clearly.

No, I’m not a firm believer in going out with someone for the first time and start talking immediately about the things you want out of this date. 

But when you find yourself taken aback by his exoticism, kind manners, and the overall novelty of the experience, it’s handy to be honest (to yourself, first and foremost) about your expectations.

Are you merely looking to have fun or looking to build a genuine connection? Are you up for a temporary thing if you get that impression from him?

As I said above, prioritize your well-being. Give time and space to yourself to understand the feelings and desires you might carry for the situation and set boundaries accordingly. 

It’s okay not to know precisely what, where, and when, but it’s not okay to play it cool when you expect the other person to fly across the globe to meet you in return or to fake-promise when you get that he’d romanticized you more than usual.

8) Pick that restaurant/rooftop bar from your bucket list

Since you’re traveling solo, the chances are that you spot a restaurant or rooftop that you’d wish your friends, mum, (or even boyfriend from high school) was there to share that experience with you. 

It’s a win-win situation; you get to create a sweet memory with a man you like in a place you’ve always wanted to go, and you look assertive and confident in his eyes by choosing the location. Not bad! 

traveling solo as a woman: how to date abroad

Conclusion: Traveling solo as a woman – advice for dating abroad

The tips above led me to some fantastic people worldwide, and I had experiences that I’ll never forget. I wish someone would advise me on my early solo travels accordingly. To recap, here are the 8 tips to consider when traveling alone as a solo girl:  

  1. Be your exotic self
  2. Always maintain your safety.
  3. Use dating apps but keep your face-to-face approach.
  4. Learn some phrases of his language
  5. Keep your best outfit and make up for that day.
  6. Understand the dating culture of his country
  7. Set clear expectations and boundaries
  8. Pick your favorite restaurant or rooftop from your bucket list.

Are you dating abroad when you travel solo? I would love to see your experiences, advice, and stories in the comments. Don’t forget to share that article if you think it will help fellow solo female travelers date with more confidence.