The power of crystals has long been known to be a great source of spiritual cleansing and well-being. At the moment, I like to take my self-care rituals to the next level with crystal candles.

These specially designed candles are infused with natural crystals believed to bring about calming energy, helping you center yourself for inner peace and relaxation. Different crystals have different purposes, and we will go over those too.

Here we’ve rounded up five of the best crystal candles with healing crystals on the market so that you can find one perfect for your own self-healing ritual.

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What crystals can go into candles?

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Tiny crystals such as clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz and some others are often used in healing candles to bring calming energy and relaxation. These crystals are paired with the highest quality ingredients to create candles that help with cleansing negative energy, relaxing activities, and creating a calming environment.

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Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a powerful yet gentle crystal used in healing candles to bring calming energy and relaxation. This natural crystal is known for its ability to absorb, store, release, and regulate energy within the environment. When added to candles, it helps clear any stagnant or negative energies from the space. It also helps

Rose Quartz

This crystal is believed to possess intense energy that helps bring about emotional healing, inner peace, and self-love.

When added to healing candles, rose quartz can bring the feeling of tranquility and warmth while providing gentle spiritual guidance. Its calming energy can help connect us to


Amethyst is a precious gemstone that has been prized for centuries. It is part of the bigger family of minerals called silicate. It belongs to the trigonal crystal system and exhibits an iridescent violet-purple hue.

When added to a candle, it helps clear away any negative or stagnant energies from the environment while providing spiritual guidance. Amethyst is mainly known for its ability to help us connect with our inner self and heal emotional trauma.


Aventurine is a beautiful gemstone known for its natural sparkle and positive vibe. Adding to a candle helps promote clarity and balance in both physical and emotional states. Aventurine acts as a protective stone and is used to help calm anxious moods.


Selenite is a crystal that brings about cleansing energy, spiritual connection, and protection when added to a candle. It can bring clarity and focus on helping us make better decisions.

Peacock Ore

Peacock Ore, also known as Bornite, is a stone of transformation that helps to awaken one’s potential and bring about a sense of personal growth. Peacock Ore is believed to carry the energy of determination, strength, and courage when added to a candle. It encourages one to take action on their own

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Do you take the crystals out of a crystal candle when you light it?

No, you don’t need to take the crystals out of a crystal candle when you burn it. The crystals are safely embedded within the wax and act as an infusion of energy while the candle is lit. The flame’s heat and light combine with the crystals to create a calming atmosphere.

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What makes healing crystals inside the crystal candles so powerful?

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Crystals are powerful in candles because of their unique ability to absorb, store, release, and regulate energy within the environment. Different crystals possess different remedial properties that can help bring about emotional well-being and protection.

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The five best crystal candles for healing energy:

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Crystal Candle with Rose Quartz and Amethyst Crystals

This 2 pack makes the top of our list because it has the best self-loving characteristics out of all the candles on the list. It has the lavender amethyst scent and the jasmine rose scent also. This product also has a sixty-five-hour lasting time and is intended for all the astrology lovers out there due to its innovative incorporation of crystals.


Use this 100% organic candle to discover yourself again and refresh your mood!

The features I love:

  • Fully organic
  • Amazing prices
  • Long lasting candles

Price: low-mid-range

Bottom line:

Great buy for people who want to value and give themselves more love this season!

Find it here.

Luxury Candle with Crystals Inside, Amethyst Infused Candle

This luxury candle is the best one for relaxation purposes. It costs a little bit more but only because it is made by hand. Being handmade means that special care was given to the crystals placed inside it. It has many beautiful notes, and the notes keep changing as it burns. This is purposefully done to keep you invested in your relaxation period.


Also made with natural ingredients, this candle is the best to take some time out and forget about your life’s worries!

The features I love:

  • Various scents
  • Handmade

Price: High-end

Bottom line:

This luxury candle is bound to change the way you take time off!

Find it here.

3-pack Healing Crystal Candle

This set is the perfect one for creating positive vibes. It has three large-sized candles that are made entirely from soy wax. You also get a selection of amethyst, lavender, and rose crystals making it a good buy at this time of the year.

This lasts for about sixty hours and has the main property of bringing about a positive vibe due to its scent, essential oils, and the total usage of soy wax and natural wooden wicks (for a fireplace effect).

Overall: This is a perfect present and a personal buy; therefore, it makes the top of this list!

The features I love:

  • Combination of different crystals
  • A good amount of operating time

Price: Mid-range

Bottom line:

Best for using on a personal basis or gifting to someone who values their time as it has properties to increase the value of time spent with yourself.

Find it here.

Serenity Crystals Chakra Candle Set

If you love to cleanse your space regularly, this one is the best product to create the right balance you are looking for. This entire set has seven premium candles that will create the correct balance of positive energy you require. I love several things about this one, and it’s my personal favorite! It can also serve as a colorful decor piece.


A good variety of candles to choose from in this set and all with charka tumble stones to create the right balance

The features I love:

  • Best price
  • Variety of candles within one set
  • meditation solution
  • Cute decor pieces

Price: low-range (cheapest)

Bottom line:

Purchase this set and feel re-energized and powered up by the chakra tumble stones and various scents!

Find it here

Chakra Candles with Premium Crystal and Healing Stones

I recommend this set for negativity and bad vibes. If you want to get rid of those and create good vibes within your space, this luxury candle is the right thing to shop for.

This candle has the highest lasting time on the list and gorgeous and vibrant notes of the seven chakras. This one can also be a good decoration piece, but since it’s a luxury candle, I’d recommend using it rather than just displaying it.


This candle has a good mix of all the qualities discussed and has a good note of vibrancy. Since it is a luxury one, it is slightly more expensive but makes up for it with the long-lasting time.

The features I love:

  • Lasts the longest
  • Vibrant colors
  • Amazing for removing negative vibes

Price: High-end

Bottom line:

Choose this great candle and open your life to the window of opportunities that can be created by removing the negative energies around you.

Find it here

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Final thoughts

In conclusion, this article has highlighted some of the best options for luxury crystal candles. These selections vary in size, price, and type of crystals and healing stones used. Each one is designed with care to create a relaxing atmosphere that can help you take time away from your worries and focus on positive vibes. I recommend all of these, but for different purposes. I trust you’ll choose the one that will serve you the best.

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