Do you feel stuck in an endless pursuit of everyday actions, often stopping to wonder, “What do I do with my life?” or “What’s my purpose in life?” If yes, I have a “finding your purpose worksheet” for you, and you’re one step closer to finding it, like billions of people who once questioned similar topics.

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It started to have similar questions about life shortly after the lockdown that the pandemic of COVID-19 forced.

People were afraid to socialize throughout their communities and families while the virus crashed the economy. My friends were losing their jobs, and one of the things I loved to do the most- traveling– was banned.

I lost my motivation to create, demand, and work for more. It seemed like the whole world was shut, and everything that we had taken for granted before the first quarter of 2020 was long gone.

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Finding your purpose in life despite the crisis

find your purposeFinding your purpose in life is simpler than you think.

I realized that the crisis of purpose and the “I don’t know what to do with my life” stage were symptoms of isolation, not only physical but also emotional. I always believed that life’s purpose comes from the goals or actions that can change other people’s lives and usually come from your work.

But that’s only a part of the story.

A sense of purpose can grow from our connection to ourselves and others. Once you find your destination, you’ll find other people along the way who would want to travel along with you, hoping to reach the same goal and have similar values. So connecting with others can be an efficient solution when trying to find your purpose.

Below are some hacks you can make integral parts of your routine that will help you get in touch with yourself more and more and discover what you love to do the most.

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1) Finding your purpose in your values and acting upon them

It might sound generic, but finding your values is a particular process and crucial to your sense of self. You can start by articulating the three most important ones and continuously implementing them in everything you do.

For example, exploration, growth, and community are the most special to my personality’s core.

If you want to go through a complete guide on finding your values, please check my spiritual workbook. It contains a one-hour coaching session on how to find your values and align them with your life’s purpose, so your soul, mind and actions are always aligned. It changed my life, and I hope it can change yours too!

No matter where I set my mind during the day, I continuously try to explore; other people’s personalities, opinions, coffee spots, books, running routes, and many more.

Whenever I learn something, I try to apply that knowledge in any field of my everyday life; and grow my insights.

And no matter how different a person is or where he’s from, I attempt to empathize, respect the differences, enjoy the similarities, and get to know his personality as much as I can. I enjoy being around different individuals and try to network and interact with as many as possible throughout my day.

Choose some of your values. How about love, friendship, family, kindness, giving, joy, pleasure, and knowledge? How can you implement the three most important ones in your daily activities?

2) Read books and articles about the topics you’re interested in

find books and topics you 're interested inAllocating time to read more about your interests can cultivate your experience, broaden your horizons, and grow your knowledge.

A topic, field of knowledge, or hobby must spark your interest. Allocating half an hour of your day to read more about it can cultivate your experience, broaden your horizons, and grow your interests. I found meaning in new hobbies and information I received for anything more I was learning.

My topics are; business, marketing, personal growth/development, and wellness. I block some time daily to explore articles online and read a few pages of my books.

Since I’ve embraced that habit daily, I have found my interests more fulfilling. Your topics can be everything you like (even referring to your hobbies), like cooking, sports, dogs, robots, or plants. Just commit to allocating half an hour and getting to know more about it.

3) Surround yourself with positive people

the power of communityThe power of community in your daily life is priceless.

I can’t highlight more the importance of community. When you allow people to be intimate, come close, mentor, and advice you with positiveness, you get back one of the most beautiful rewards; the power of companionship.

Learning how to build quality friendships with positive people is crucial.

It is indeed a great feeling looking forward to after-work drinks and dinner with the people that are your support source, and you are theirs. Ensure you keep people in your life who can celebrate your wins and advise you with honesty and vulnerability, especially when you’re going through the “What should I do with my life” crisis.

4) Life purpose in that one thing that you enjoy doing the most

What is that thing during the day, which is a part of your routine, but you love doing? Is it the breakfast, the morning workout, the afternoon run, the catchup with your close ones, the after-dinner wine? Anything during the day that makes you look forward to it deserves special credit.

Identify what you love the most from your routine and what you wouldn’t change. Identify what it is and pay extra attention and gratefulness to it. Practice mindfulness, eliminate all the distractions and focus your mind on that activity you particularly enjoy. Reminding yourself constantly in the present will help you find your purpose.

5) Block time to relax and meditate

relax and meditateEven the time you relax adds up to your sense of purpose.

There’s nothing wrong with blocking time to let your mind wander. Either watch your favorite show on Netflix, listen to your favorite playlist and daydream, or meditate.

These relaxing activities can seem unnecessary to a workaholic or hyperactive person. But these are the times you’ll get in touch with your soul, wishes, and thoughts, and it’s interesting when you observe them. In the book “Power of Now,” Eckhart Tolle referred precisely to the strength of keeping your mind and being a witness to your thoughts.

You can also check my favorite spiritual healing quotes that might inspire a passion within you while meditating upon them.

Everyone deserves a “break” during the day. Make sure you block time to nourish it accordingly. Schedule that time beforehand and ensure that it doesn’t overlap with your productive flow at your remote work.

6) Make a weekly “good-action” list

In other articles, I’ve mentioned how the joy of giving and kindness can enhance your sense of purpose. See the good-action list as your personalized tracker for those thoughtful actions.

Did you help a friend or a co-worker? Write that down.

Did you cook for your parents? Note it.

Did your partner appreciate your morning massage? Note that too.

Reflecting on those actions weekly can be thrilling. It’s your reminder of the good you’ve given to the world. It’s your memento of worth, particularly during the moments you’re wondering what the purpose of life is.

Make sure to include that “good-action” list in a self-care planner.

your personalized action plan

Get the life purpose worksheet by clicking here.

7) Finding your purpose while taking care of your body & health

Taking care of your body shouldn’t be a hack of the life purpose process but an integral part of your everyday routine. So besides working on your purpose worksheet, allocate time to care for your health.

I mentioned that combining daily exercise with healthy eating habits and good care for your physical well-being can contribute significantly to an enhanced sense of self.

Your body rewards you by giving you enough energy to cope with daily tasks. The physical benefits of looking good and feeling terrific often lead to psychological benefits, such as increased self-esteem, self-control, determination, and an overall sense of direction.

8) Find some time to connect with your loved ones

connecting with your loved onesIt’s crucial to remember that often, feeling and expressing love gives a whole new sense of direction and meaning in your life.

It is essential to remain present in your family’s and friends’ lives. By allocating some time to connect with them, you remind them you’re there and they’re worthy of your affection.

At the same time, you get a sense of belonging and a reminder that you have people close to you with similar problems and fears who care and love you. Instead of engaging in isolating activities and ignoring calls most of the time, be the one who will initiate the contact.

If you trap yourself in thoughts such as “what is my purpose,” it’s crucial to remember that feeling and expressing love often gives a whole new sense of direction and meaning in your life.

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9) Track your feelings in a journal

Being in touch with your inner self throughout the day is crucial. Personally, it helps me understand whether something bores me, annoys me, or pleases me and what I can do to either eliminate or prolong that emotion.

Tracking my feelings is important because I know which tasks hinder my productivity and which ones I enjoy, from everything I have to complete daily.

I personally journal every day, and my little savior is my DIY spiritual guide, which I use as a manifestation journal. It’s not only a coaching guide but also a planner; even if you don’t know what to write about, the prompts will make it extremely easy for you.

wish visualization

10) Undertake at work the things that make you most excited

If you become a master at hack number eight, you’d probably sort out the tasks that make you thrive and the ones that bore you.

Take advantage of that awareness, and fill your day with projects and responsibilities you’re comfortable and excited to take over.

Your work-life can be meaningful and rewarding if you outsource the tedious tasks while contributing your unique gifts, skills, and talents wherever possible.


If you followed along with our dream life template, you should have an answer about your purpose and how to find it every day.

It’s not always easy to find a mission in the mundane, but if you take the time to look for it, you can make your every day a little more extraordinary. I hope this article has helped light that fire inside you and given you some tools to help find your purpose.

Can’t wait to hear how the dream life template worked for you!

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