Have you ever wished you could master the magic skill of making your desires a reality? I’m talking about the ability to bring anything your heart wants into your life—goals, dreams, and wishes, however big or small. It happened to me when I started experimenting with manifestation journals to strengthen my positive thinking. Eventually, I started and created my own – and in this article, I teach you how to start a manifestation journal to attract anything and everything you’ve ever wanted.

The more I uncovered my most essential abilities to attract fortune and cultivate my growth mindset, the more I wanted to thrive in manifestation journaling.

That’s how my spiritual guide to good fortune was born. It changed my life, and I hope it can change yours too.

How to start a manifestation journal

Not long ago, I started implementing this magical skill of attraction by designing my manifestation journal.

Starting a manifestation journal is simple: You need to combine various manifestation techniques with different soul-searching strategies and other practices, like positive affirmation techniques, a gratitude journal, and self-therapy.

I got inspired by the best manifestation notebooks I could find in the market and a few self-care planners, but I craved something personalized and unique to my dream life.

So, I learned multiple techniques from the various manifestation journals I came across throughout my experiment, and I added some additional prompts and exercises with more clarity, intending to create my own unique workbook.

You can find it here.

What is a manifestation journal?

A manifestation journal is where you record and store your desired goals, thoughts, and wishes daily. You can see it as an excellent tool for your life’s wishes and, eventually, vision.

It can take everything you write to the next level by encouraging you to track it down and give it context. Even if you are a person who has no idea about her most basic abilities on how or what to write, this manifestation journal helps you get started with short prompts and a strategic smart system.

Journaling for manifestation – Does journaling count as manifesting?

I once was a person who was losing faith, had a negative mindset, and had zero clue about manifestation journaling. I eventually learned a manifestation method that I added to my daily rituals.

By completing short prompts, repeating positive manifestation affirmations, and using a guided journal, I created new skills and started to feel gratitude.

Day by day, I built good habits and somehow attracted what I was asking the universe for.

There were moments when I felt close, so close I got goosebumps.

And there were others that I had to reconsider and re-evaluate my wishes. Journaling seemed an exciting way to visualize my prayers with experiential learning and bring them one step closer to happening. Attracting the life I want through manifestation journaling, among other benefits, felt like a skill I should master – so here I am now- living the life I manifested.

That’s how the spiritual guide to good fortune was created, and my manifestation journal was finally born and ready to change the lives of others besides my own.

But how exactly can you manifest something by writing it down? And how can this spiritual guide surprisingly attract good fortune into your life?

Manifestation journaling will help you attract your dream life.

  • Visualize your wishes

Start the manifestation process by writing down your wishes and then engaging in weekly reflections on them. It is a great way to use the law of attraction, build motivation and stay aligned with the desires of your heart throughout your journey.

If something feels off or imbalanced, you will quickly spot it.

Some people think it is not essential to write down our wishes and be precise about what we ask the universe for, and some others believe that our prayers and desires are entirely up to us.

However, most people mix truly meaningful goals with wishes, but there’s a clear distinction between those two, and it has to do with our control over them.

You have limited control over certain things, but you’ll soon realize that by writing everything down in your manifestation journal, you’ll visualize and manifest most of your solid wishes and prayers.

  • Be specific on the date and time

 write down the date and time of what you want to manifest i your manifestation journal

My manifestation coach guide has allocated weekly sections to visualize your wishes with extra space for date and time. I committed to it for 20 weeks, and guess what? Most of my prayers became a reality! Find the guide here.

By writing down the date and time you prayed for something, you have a way to remind yourself that everything you wished for in the past managed to find a way to you in the future.

That’s a highly magical and valuable strategy based on psychological science.

When you realize how close the things you wished for (e.g., a few weeks or months away) and how effectively you used the law of attraction to manifest them, you quickly feel that the universe works in your favor. That’s a potent vibration to manifest wealth.

Research suggests that powerful universe vibrations of the present moment attract good karma and vice versa. You’re soon becoming a spiritual pro.

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  • Uncover your values

Knowing your values throughout your manifestation journey helps you overcome challenges, strengthen your own abilities, and attract your dream life.

My spiritual guide has a specific coaching session that helps you uncover your values in detail and create a personalized board that you can update and revisit weekly. Find more here.

One of the most beneficial personal growth investments you can make to yourself is to uncover and manifest your values through self-reflection. I’ve seen many people claiming to know their values while blindly following their instincts without any sense of realization.

Not many manifestation journals can help you uncover your values and then align your values with your life’s purpose.

By taking the necessary time to introspect and write down some specific things about your desires, past, and future, you can uncover your deepest values and begin manifesting the life of your dreams.

Putting even more effort into creating your personal values board (as a part of your foldable vision board) is a fundamental manifestation strategy, and that’s because your values determine your mind map (attitudes, priorities, and thoughts).

Somewhere deep inside you, they point out whether your life is heading in the right direction. It is crucial to start manifesting them and writing them down weekly or daily.

By having your values written down on a board, you can immediately spot when something or someone feels off – because it goes against your core.

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  • Align your values with your life’s vision

As mentioned above, your life would be pointless without the color of your values.

And when your values match your actions – the things you do for yourself and the ways you behave to others- you have a sense of wholeness. Life feels good – you’re satisfied and content.

However, things start to feel off when your values don’t align with your moves and beliefs. That can be a significant source of unhappiness, often unexplained and unspotted. And not many manifestation journals have therapeutic tools that help you define that.

Manifestation journaling is a powerful tool to help you align your values with your life’s vision. There are helpful exercises inside the guide where you can identify clashes between your values, actions, and desires.

Whether you’re trying to achieve a more authentic life or you crave for alignment between your actions and desires, manifestation journaling can help you get clear on what you truly want, which is an essential step in making your dreams a reality.

By clarifying your life’s vision while journaling about the things you’re grateful for -and most importantly, the ways things work in your favor- you’re unlocking your unique purpose in the world and manifesting it.

So, use your manifestation journal to stay focused on everything you‘re grateful for.

manifestation scripting

If you decide to use my manifestation journal – the third coaching session of the spiritual guide shows you how to align your values with your life’s vision with weekly tangible steps.

See more!

  • Identify and eliminate your limiting beliefs

Having a manifesting journal and a smart system for your limiting beliefs is one method for personal growth

Our experiences throughout life determine every belief we hold about ourselves, which cannot always be positive.

Acknowledging our identity by indulging in manifestation journaling regarding our limiting beliefs is a meaningful way to break destructive patterns and spot them more clearly.

By writing down your thoughts and feelings, you can gain greater insight into your subconscious mind and identify any limiting beliefs that may hold you back. Additionally, various manifestation journals can help you to track your progress and see the signs and synchronicities that are happening along the way.

Usually, our limiting beliefs are the reasons that we are being held back from thriving. By knowing our negative impressions about ourselves and taking necessary actions to eliminate them, we can become different, better people and unlock an abundant and thriving mindset.

And while manifestation journaling is undoubtedly not a new concept, recent research suggests that it may be more effective than ever before. So if you’re looking for a way to eliminate your limiting beliefs and create lasting change in your life, manifestation journaling could be the answer.

  • Strengthen your positive self-beliefs

Additionally, it is equally helpful to upgrade and expand our identity by knowing our positive beliefs while reinforcing them.

And there’s no better way to do it than manifesting on paper your good qualities and actively strengthening them with weekly actions and smart goals.

Manifesting and fostering our desired identity builds our life’s purpose. Making value-based choices while having an aligned belief mindset brings positive changes and is fulfilling and empowering.

The spiritual guide contains morning acknowledgment and evening gratitude prompts that can make a huge difference in your daily journaling practice. See more here.

As mentioned already, by knowing and affirming your identity, you are aligning it with your dreams and wishes. By writing your wants and gratitude in your manifestation journal, you attract positive energy while guiding your mind to its endless capabilities.

The takeaway.

Starting a manifestation journal and implementing those six techniques is a powerful way to manifest anything and everything.

However, creating a DIY manifestation journal is a long process; sometimes, it can feel overwhelming and distracting.

Opt for ready-to-use affirmations and prompts and do some therapy or use a mindset coach to discover your values, purpose, life vision and beliefs before you manifest.

And remember, I created the spiritual guide to guide you! The handbook does the work of a life coach. It gives you all the manifestation techniques and tools you need to start attracting abundance based on positive psychology and behavioral therapy, not magic.

Your spiritual guide to good fortune is not only a manifestation journal but a holistic self-care kit that helps you carry all your aspirations into the physical realm.

Find it here.