Sydney is among the most beautiful cities in the world and definitely one of my favorites. I wanted my trip back in Christmas 2019 to be unforgettable, so I researched and found the best hotels in Sydney that could offer a wellness experience. I ended up staying in some of them while I kept the rest for my next visits.

Unfortunately, Australia has closed its borders months ago and has banned all international travel. However, if you’re stuck in the city at the moment, you can still visit the fancy hotels of Sydney. You deserve to pamper yourself in spas, get undisturbed sleep in king-size beds, and enjoy cocktails with marvelous views. Why not plan a luxury staycation in the best hotels of the city?

The best 5 hotels in Sydney

You can experience first-class accommodation and find multiple hotel deals with a little bit of research. However, I included the top five hotels with facilities such as:

  • 5-Star Spas
  • World-Class Chefs
  • Top Class Boutiques
  • Unparalleled Views
  • VIP cub access with unlimited drinks and snacks

So, what Are the best hotels in Sydney, Australia for staycations?

There are hundreds of different hotels in the city that offer fantastic benefits and opportunities at your fingertips. However, to ensure the most of your staycation, you’ll have to choose the hotel that suits you the most.

Here are the top 5-star hotels in Sydney that will offer you most of what you’ve dreamed of. You can enjoy beautiful big bathrooms, walk-in closets, top-notch room service, luxurious beds, first-class toiletries, and the best flatscreen TV for your Netflix and Chill.

Shangri-La Hotel Sydney

Best hotels in Sydney: Shangri-la

Opera House view from the room in Shangri-la.

Are you looking for a multifaceted hotel that offers you a fantastic breakfast buffet, top-notch spa experience, excellent amenities, top dining facilities, and unparalleled views?

If the answer is yes, the Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney is the right option for you, and it is among the best hotels in Sydney.

The hotel was renovated back in 2015. Therefore, you can expect a beautiful combination of modern and vintage designs in one room. You will find beautiful gold and silver color scheme highlighting every feature of your room. The customized luxurious carpets also add to the beauty and enhance the comfort levels for guests.

You can also enjoy a holistic spa experience that offers Australian healing techniques and Asian botanical ingredients. The spa owners also offer Middle Eastern therapies to help you get rid of your stress and enjoy the beautiful city of Sydney with brand-new energy.

What makes it among my choices in the best hotels in Sydney?

The Horizon Club Lounge. It offers hundreds of different breakfast and afternoon tea options at your fingertips (I loved the sushi with my afternoon wine). You can try Asian food items or continental items, depending on your mood. You will also enjoy your meals while gazing at Sydney Harbor’s panoramic views and the bridge along with the Opera House.

This lounge is located above the 30th floor of the building. There is also a beautiful bar on the 36th level, and you will find the world-famous Altitude restaurant on the last floor. One of the best things about Altitude restaurant is that you can enjoy your meals sitting in a glass box overlooking the beautiful city of Sydney.

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The InterContinental Sydney Double Bay

Best hotels in Sydney. Intercontinental

View from the room in Intercontinental Sydney.f

Intercontinental has 140 beautiful rooms, exclusive suites, a mesmerizing rooftop, a rooftop indoor pool, dozens of excellent restaurants, and shopping opportunities. It has also been home to hundreds of different celebrities such as Princess Diana, Australian prime ministers, American presidents, and Michael Hutchence.

You can enjoy your afternoon on the rooftop as you’re served finger sandwiches, tea, and champagne. If you are a fan of trying out new cocktails and drinks, you should know that the hotel’s main dining space, the Stillery, has a state-of-the-art bar. This bar offers more than 60 different cocktails and international gins, and other drinks that can take your staycation to the next level.

If you are looking to unwind at the end of a long but beautiful day in the streets of Sydney, you can visit Trump’s Spa and rejuvenate yourself. This spa also offers a marine body wrap that will engulf your entire body in beautiful exfoliation and rejuvenating ingredients for a fantastic detoxifying experience. You will feel lighter, happier, and better at the end of the day.

There is also a “Technogym” that offers a unique and immersive workout experience with modern technology and professional trainers. Its modern facilities help the hotel rank among the best hotels in Sydney.

What makes it among my choices in the best hotels in Sydney?

Best hotels in Sydney: Intercontinental

Bring your camera 😉

Don’t forget your camera. Who doesn’t love beautiful chandeliers hanging from high ceilings? The 160-kilogram chandelier hanging from the foyer ceiling of this restaurant looks like gold dripping from heaven. This is yet another beautiful and picturesque place where you can enjoy and capture some memorable moments.

The indoor rooftop pool is also one of the most photogenic places in the hotel. You can sit by the pool on a sunny day and enjoy your favorite drinks, or you can take a dip when it’s raining in Sydney as the pool is heated.

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Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour

Best hotels in Sydney: Sofitel Darling harbour

Stunning Darling Harbor views from the bathroom in Sofitel.

With 590 different rooms, this hotel first opened its doors to the public in 1999. Inside the hotel, you will find hundreds of various amenities and mind-blowing views of Darling Harbor. There is a world-class champagne bar that offers a wide selection of wine by the glass. If you think this is not enough, you can also visit the French restaurant “Atelier” and treat yourself to memorable dinners.

When it comes to the rooms, each one of them offers a chic and modern style. You will find a perfect combination of minimalism and modernism. Each room provides maximum visitor comfort, easy control of the lighting fixtures, and the air-conditioning in the room’s different sections through a control panel right next to the bed.

Plus, all the rooms offer a fantastic view with floor-to-ceiling windows. Yes, you will truly feel like a king, sitting in one of these suites and looking out at the beautiful city of Sydney. Even the bathrooms have thin glass on two sides. Therefore, this hotel aims the number one choice of the best experiences to visitors on their staycations.

If you seek the most luxurious hotels in Sydney, Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour is a no-miss for you. According to Wotif Sydney, this five-star hotel ranks highly among the rest of Sydney’s luxury hotels.

What makes it among my choices in the best hotels in Sydney?

Infinity pool of Sofitel Darling Harbour

There is a pool bar to enjoy your cocktails with Harbour views in Sofitel Darling Harbour.

The infinity pool. This pool is right over Darling Harbour, and it comes with a waterside cocktail bar. Isn’t that amazing? You can enjoy the beautiful harbor view while sipping your favorite cocktails under the sun in Sydney.

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The Langham Sydney

Best hotels in Sydney: The Langham pool

Indoors pool for a wellness experience at The Langham.

Langham in Sydney is yet another great option that ranks highly among the top hotels in Sydney, as it offers an unparalleled royal treatment. Who doesn’t want to be treated royally on his/her staycations?

The hotel provides afternoon tea and finger food to every visitor with club access. This is bound to make you feel like royalty as polite-mannered staff pours you a cup of tea. If you’re staying with your family, there are special programs for your kids too.

If you are a fan of quiet and tranquil environments, you will be happy to know that this hotel offers one of the most beautiful settings as it is located away from the city’s busy hustle.

What makes it among my choices in the best hotels in Sydney?

Best hotels in Sydney: The langham

The rooms make you feel like you’re living inside a mansion and part of the royal family.

Besides being among the Top 100 hotels globally, the hotel offers the largest rooms in Sydney. So, if you love spacious rooms as I do, this hotel is the perfect option for you.

All the rooms are curated with bespoke furnishings and high ceilings. This further makes you feel like you’re living inside a mansion and part of the royal family. There are beautiful balconies and signature terraces in most of the rooms. You can take a break from everything and enjoy a lovely cup of coffee ones on the patio.

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Park Hyatt Sydney

The best hotels in Sydney: Park Hyatt

View from the room at Park Hyatt.

Park Hyatt is located between the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, directly in one of the world’s most beautiful harbors. 

The hotel knows how to offer a modern and fantastic experience, with a restaurant and bar offering elegant settings, dining experiences, and refreshments throughout the day. There is a heated swimming pool with Opera House views, where you can enjoy a fantastic cocktail experience with some tanning on a sunny day. Plus, a deluxe spa and wellness center that will help you rejuvenate, as well as a 24-hour butler service. 

There is high-speed internet connection and a modern TV to relax and work if you wish to (and you fancy working from beautiful hotel suites as I do). If you want to know more about the rooms, floor-to-ceiling glass doors offer mind-blowing ocean views and open to private balconies. The marble bathrooms and comfortable beds will enhance your staycation, as well as your in-dine room service experience. There is also a gym for your morning or afternoon workouts, as well as a business center. 

What makes it among my choices in the best hotels in Sydney?

The best hotels in Sydney: Park hyatt.

Views from Park Hyatt.

One of the best and most exciting elements of this luxury hotel is its art and design. You can enjoy close-up views of the Opera house and the Harbour Bridge while getting glimpses of the Australian landscape. I remember finishing a walk from the Harbour Bridge and catching some amazing vibes while looking at the hotel. Of course, I noted it for my next visit!

To recap, the best 5 hotels in Sydney for a luxurious staycation are:

  1. Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney
  2. InterContinental Sydney
  3. Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour
  4. The Langham Sydney
  5. Park Hyatt Sydney