Raise your consciousness, manifest anything & make spirituality your superpower with one hanbbook, in six sessions.

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  • You ‘re constantly trying to find your purpose in life
  • You don’t know if you are ready to start healing from your past
  • You don’t really know your core values and what makes you authentic
  • You ‘re struggling with self-confidence
  • You want to quit bad habits and whatever is holding you back from thriving
  • You dream of building consistency in creating healthy habits
  • You don’t know how to start working on yourself
  • You ‘ve listened to tons of podcasts but you miss the “how-to’s”

  • You ‘ve read hundreds of books on personal growth but you still don’t have a system
  • You ‘ve attended self-help seminars and workbooks to only find yourself in a loop
  • You want to get in touch with your inner self but you feel stuck

  • You know you ‘re spiritual but you don’t know how to cultivate your spirituality

  • You are tired of procrastination and not taking action


  • You get all the tools you need to find your life’s vision and purpose
  • You uncover your values and how to prioritize them
  • Get a clear direction, by aligning your values with your life’s vision

  • You feel content with the simplest routines

  • You build a proven system to create and maintain healthy habits
  • You write down prayers and you watch them become a reality
  • You cultivate empathy and have a better understanding of the universe and its rules
  • You manage to eliminate every limiting belief that is holding you back
  • You identify your strengths while thriving through them
  • You master your anxiety through meditation and mindfulness
  • You learn how to take action by setting your priorities straight
  • You start to love journaling & you write daily, even if you have never written anything before
  • You make spirituality your superpower
  • You have a system for manifesting your desires


Without 1×1 costly coaching, fake mentoring, long self-help courses, workshops, or seminars. Nobody should be “taught” how to master themselves. Every one of us has the power at the core of our being. All you need is a roadmap providing you with the tools to discover that power in the simplest way possible.

Why the guide works

Gives you all the tools you need.

So you create systems and stop procrastinating.

Using the same questions that a life coach would use, the guide helps you identify your values and purpose, spot your limiting beliefs, and guides you in creating strategies to overcome anything that’s holding you back from thriving.

Helps you take action and create habits.

And it follows up on your progress, like your therapist.

Even the tiniest action can be the best antidote to anxiety. By combining a yearly mindset workbook, a daily guided journal with prompts, a weekly toolkit &  a daily planner, the guide is following up on your progress like your therapist.

Transforms your life, little by little.

The guide is formatted in a way that inspires you to commit to it.

By committing to the sessions, daily worksheets, weekly challenges, and weekly reflection, you‘re developing a method that creates a life full of abundance, little by little, day by day.  Manifesting your desires becomes a piece of cake.

What’s inside


  • Discovering and breaking your limiting beliefs
  • Doing deep inner work to uncover and manifest your values
  • Creating your top values board, so you can always set your priorities and make the right decisions
  • Planning an identity around whom you want to be
  • Identifying your strengths and reinforcing your good qualities
  • Discovering your purpose and aligning it with the core of your being
  • Harmonizing your values with actions, so your body, mind, and soul are aligned
  • Having a sense of connectedness with the universe and others
  • Embracing mindfulness daily
  • Meditating (even if you‘ve never meditated before)
  • Journaling (even if you don’t have time or intention to write)


  • Daily morning journaling prompts to start your day as great as possible (365-day guided, not 90-day like most of the journals)
  • Evening gratitude journaling prompts for the perfect closing
  • Inspirational quotes to keep you motivated
  • A system to set daily priorities for yourself
  • Daily worksheet to practice your toolkit and sessions –(the job of a real-life coach)
  • Weekly challenges to get you out of your comfort zone
  • Weekly affirmations to remind you of what you‘re capable
  • A weekly reflection on growing, improving, and practicing what you‘re learning
  • Undated so that you can start anytime

What others are saying

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The tools in the guide encourage responses the same way a life coach would motivate you to let go and open up. Coaches spend just a few minutes of each session explaining the basics and asking critical questions that require self-reflection. The tools will do the work of a life coach and ensure you take the necessary time to introspect. There’s no fear of judgment by a third party; there’s also no risk of chemistry or communication mismatch with a coach/therapist that you spend 50 or 100 USD for a one-hour session. Also, by revisiting what you’ve written about yourself weekly, you identify your limiting beliefs and positively reconstruct your thoughts.
The digital handbook has ready-to-fill sections and is as convenient as the paperback edition. There’s no difference between those two. If you prefer to type than to write, you can opt for the digital version.
However, the paperback edition feels like the “original” journal, and the power of handwriting helps with the whole process.
It all comes to your preferences, in the end.
Yes! The journal is undated, so you can start anytime. It doesn’t matter when you buy it. Any time of the year is a good time to start working on your spirituality.
No, the spiritual kit comes only as a book. There is no video, audio, lengthy courses, and no judgment by coaches or therapists: just you, your power, and your therapeutic tools. Through the six coaching sessions and a weekly strategic system that will help you build positive habits towards enlightenment, you have what it takes to blossom.
I suggest committing to at least 12 weeks (three months). In some cases, the practices are pushing you towards a spiritual journey of endless possibilities, and you’ve also started building habits around your weekly exercises. In that case, you can continue for the whole year (52 weeks) as there’s a different challenge and affirmation for each week. However, you can stop any time you feel the transformation has happened.

The workbook is digital, so I don’t accept returns. However, if you have any problem with your order, contact me. Regarding the paperback version, check Amazon’s return policy here.

Congratulations, you just started your growth journey! Once you buy the guide, you automatically receive an e-mail with download instructions for the product. In case you don’t receive the e-mail, please check your spam folder. If you have any issues with your order, please contact me.

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