Couples therapy (subtly different from couples counseling) can strengthen and restore relationships, particularly during challenging couple problems or when communication becomes strained. It offers a safe and supportive space for couples to explore their concerns, improve understanding, practice emotional vulnerability, and develop healthier patterns of interaction. Couples can navigate difficulties, conserve their mental health, and cultivate a more fulfilling and harmonious relationship by addressing underlying issues and learning effective communication strategies. However, how much is couples therapy?

If partners are considering couples therapy, understanding the costs and what therapists charge per session can help couples decide if they want to embark on this journey, how many sessions to take, and whether another option fits their needs better (whether that’s marriage counseling, couples counseling, or virtual sessions).

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The Difference Between Couples Therapy And Marriage Counseling

Although often used interchangeably, couples therapy and marriage counseling have subtle distinctions that shape their focus and goals. While a couples therapy session primarily centers around enhancing communication skills, exploring the issue’s roots, and cultivating healthy relationship habits, marriage counseling sessions emphasize advice on specific marital problems, conflict resolution, and crisis management.

Couples therapy examines the overall dynamics between partners and their relationships. A couples therapist gives professional relationship support and gives the tools to the couple to explore and better understand each other’s feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. Unlike marriage counseling, couples therapy does not necessarily focus on resolving marital issues and is also beneficial for non-married couples looking to strengthen their relationships.

Couples therapy creates a safe space to help partners work through issues such as communication problems, conflict management, infidelity and previous relationships, financial strain, and emotional challenges. It is typically offered in a series of sessions to address the underlying causes of the couple’s dissatisfaction.

A licensed marriage counselor focuses more on working through topics such as improving communication, learning how to resolve conflicts more healthily, or exploring ways to become closer and more intimate with each other.

Licensed marriage counselors often guide couples struggling with unresolved anger, power imbalances, or resentments. In addition to providing counseling services, marriage counselors can offer pre-marital support if needed.

Hence, overall, marriage counseling tends to focus more on problems regarding conflicts, marriage, and family, while couples therapy is broader and focuses on improving the overall relationship. Generally, marriage counseling costs less than couples therapy, as it is for a shorter duration.

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What Is The Success Rate of Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy is a highly effective form of treatment for many couples. Studies have shown that about 70-75% of couples report a positive change in their relationship after attending couples therapy sessions.

Successful couples therapy typically involves both partners committing to the process of the therapy session, being open and honest with each other, and actively participating in the therapeutic experience for excellent mental health. It also requires both partners to be willing to work together and put in the effort needed to overcome the couple’s distress.

In couples therapy, a therapist can help identify areas of conflict that need resolution and assist with exploring new perspectives. When appropriate, they may suggest exercises or activities for the couple to do at home outside of the session to build on what was discussed during their sessions. These may include routine date nights, changes in their sex life, reminiscing about positive memories or activities, or exchanging compliments and affirmations.

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How Much Does Couples Therapy Cost In The US?

Couples counseling costs can vary significantly depending on various factors. These include the experience of the couples therapist, their background, and the specific type of counseling offered.

Couples therapy sessions, on average, cost between $100 to $250 per session, each of which is around one hour long within the US. However, some therapists in private practice sympathize with a couple’s financial situation and offer sliding scale rates or discount packages.

With the rise of virtual platforms such as Skype, Zoom, and Facetime, online couples counseling is also a great option. Online therapy provides convenience and flexibility and can lead to even more affordable rates. More of the best alternatives are below.

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How Much Does Couples Therapy Cost In The UK?

The cost of couples therapy cost is higher in the UK than in the US. Sessions typically range from £80 to £150 per session, depending on the licensed professional’s experience, qualifications, and expertise.

It’s also worth noting that while couples therapy is not usually available through public health clinics associated with NHS, it can be accessed at cheaper rates through charitable organizations such as Relate, which offer affordable counseling services.

Similarly, online couples counseling is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and costs as little as £60-£80 per session, creating accessible and cost-effective alternative platforms to traditional in-person therapy.

It is also worth noting that there may be certain circumstances, such as a medically diagnosed mental illness, mental health issues, or substance abuse issues, in which health insurance may cover couples therapy. It is best to check with one’s insurance company to understand the extent of coverage and whether some therapists accept insurance.

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How Long Does Couples Therapy Last?

How long couples therapy lasts depends on various factors, such as the couple’s specific issues, commitment to the process and improving their mental health, and the therapist’s approach to the session and their problems. The treatment length may be anywhere between multiple sessions to several months or years.

Most couples attend weekly counseling sessions that last approximately 50 to 60 minutes. However, intensive couples counseling retreats or workshops could last several days, allowing couples to work on their relationship in a condensed timeframe.

Most therapists often require couples therapy in a private office setting. This allows for confidential, uninterrupted discussion and interaction for helping and treating patients.

In some instances, group therapy of multiple couples in the same setting enables couples to learn how others in similar situations manage conflict and relationship problems and allow them to benefit from other members’ experiences and advice to build a healthy relationship.

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How Often Should You Go to Couples Therapy?

This will depend on the individual couple and their particular needs. Some couples may benefit significantly from attending weekly in-person sessions, while others may attend bi-weekly or monthly sessions to work through different conflict areas and couple distress. It ultimately depends on the couple’s commitment, whether they can afford couples therapy, and how frequently they can attend therapy sessions.

The frequency of counseling should also be discussed with the therapist. The therapist can work with the couple to develop a plan tailored to their specific needs and goals.

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The Best Virtual Alternatives to In-Person Couples Therapy or Couples Counseling

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Online Consultation

Online counseling is one of the most cost-effective and convenient alternatives to in-person couples therapy. Whether you’re dealing with a particularly challenging situation or simply seeking to address your current relationship issues, my online consultation offers a valuable opportunity to receive heart-warming advice and guidance from someone who understands your pain. The best part? You can access help 24/7 from home and review those e-mails forever, allowing for a more relaxed and convenient experience.


Hey Ritual

Hey Ritual is an online couples counseling and relationship app that provides a personalized approach to long-term success, whether your partner is on board or not. From guided videos, quizzes, and exercises to reflective prompts at the end of the week, Hey Ritual can help you establish healthier communication habits and gain clarity on your unique needs through its professional couple, marriage, and family therapists (all of them are certified.)

While it is essentially for couples, that’s not all the app is made for.

Hey Ritual’s online portal helps you start with a pathway depending on the issue you want to address, with or without your partner. Each pathway can last anything from three to four weeks, with short videos, questionnaires, and reflective prompts that you can finish weekly or bi-weekly. What I love most about Hey Ritual is that you can schedule a weekly video session with a licensed therapist, who will thoroughly review your newly acquired skills, assign you “homework” based on your overall relationship satisfaction, and address potential issues.

Hey Ritual App Relationship Guidance Pathways: how much is couples therapy

Sessions for this relationship counseling app are priced at 100$/month bi-weekly or $160/month weekly if you start without your partner (or 80$/month bi-weekly, $128/month weekly with my discount code), providing an affordable alternative to traditional in-person counseling (not only do you save time and gas money, but you’ll save therapy money, too). It has a 14-day money-back guarantee, with the website boasting 91% of its customers feeling improvements in the first month.

GET 20% OFF YOUR FIRST MONTH WITH HEY RITUAL HERE. is an online therapy platform that offers individual and couples counseling sessions through one-on-one video or chat sessions. It also provides flexible payment plans, offering discounts on packages ranging from 8 weeks to 36 weeks of counseling sessions. All sessions are conducted by professionally qualified therapists with several years of experience in the field.

What I love about Online-therapy is that, aside from online couples therapy, it also boasts a wide range of helpful self-help tools and resources. These include worksheets and questionnaires, which can be used to assess and evaluate one’s relationship with one partner, as well as journaling prompts and mindful exercises.

This is a beneficial feature for couples who do not have access to traditional therapy but still want to commit to growth and seek counseling to address their issues safely and effectively.


Virtual Relationship Workshops

Virtual relationship workshops are also a great way to help couples strengthen their relationship. These workshops, which experts in the field often host, provide an interactive and engaging platform for discussing and exploring different topics related to relationships and communication.

These workshops offer a range of topics that can be discussed within the group setting, such as communication strategies, conflict resolution techniques, identifying stress responses, and more. By attending a virtual workshop, couples can benefit from the collective knowledge of other participants to gain valuable insights into their relationship dynamics.

Virtual workshops are an excellent way to build on existing skills and deepen the connection between partners. As long as both individuals have an open mindset to learn new things and explore different ideas, these workshops can be incredibly beneficial for couples.

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Find New Ideas Online For Romantic Dates

For couples who do not seek couples counseling but are looking to spice up their relationship, plenty of online ideas and apps can help them create romantic and memorable dates. From creative date night ideas at home to exciting quizzes for initiating deep conversations, the internet is an excellent source for enjoyable activities you can do with your partner.

You can also find tips on making any date special, such as arranging a surprise picnic in the park or planning an outdoor movie night. With so many ideas at your fingertips, you can easily craft unique romantic activities that will bring joy and delight to both of you.

counseling costs for marriage and family that most insurance companies don't cover

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Couples Therapy Vs. Individual Therapy

Individual therapy focuses on the individual’s emotional and psychological needs to help them improve self-esteem, gain healthier coping skills, and better manage stress. During an individual therapy session, the therapist works one-on-one with the client to identify their underlying issues or possible trauma and develop strategies for dealing with them.

In contrast, couples counseling is focused on improving the relationship between two partners. During these sessions, the couples counselor works with both clients to identify and address any issues in the relationship. Couples therapy aims to improve mental health and help couples find better ways to communicate and resolve their differences to form a more robust and happier bond.

Overall, both therapy forms can benefit couples and individuals alike. It is essential to consider individual needs and the couple’s relationship dynamics to determine which approach is best suited to helping them reach their goals. With proper counseling, couples can develop healthier communication patterns and find greater satisfaction in their relationship.

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Final Thoughts

Couples counseling is essential to help couples develop healthier communication habits and better understand each other’s needs. Whether you are seeking the services of a couples therapist to improve your relationship or just looking for ways to create more romantic dates, the online world offers plenty of helpful resources.

Whether through online couples counseling, virtual relationship workshops, or simply exploring new ideas online, plenty of options are available for you and your partner.

Taking the initiative to invest in your relationship is always a worthwhile endeavor that will go a long way in helping you both build a stronger bond. It can be challenging at times, but with the right tools and resources, couples therapy can provide you with the skills and guidance needed to reach your relationship goals.