Europe is one of my favorites -if not my favorite- continent for some solo adventures. Why not attempting to travel alone to one (or many) of the European cities?

Three reasons why Europe is the best continent to travel alone:

  • First of all, it covers all traveler’s tastes, from adventurous explores to Luxurious lone wolfs.
  • Secondly, you can quickly move from one country to the other by car, without spending a fortune and without wasting a lot of time on the way – either on the immigration or visa-check.
  • Thirdly, the continent gives you a chance for a variety of travel backgrounds and experiences.

The European cities might be relatively close to one another. However, every culture speaks a different language, has unique, tasteful dishes, holds other reasons for being famous, and offers a distinct vibe for any traveler.

Get yourself ready for some unforgettable multicultural experiences; these European cities are a must for any solo traveler.

1) Zurich, Switzerland

Travel alone in Zurich

Early evenings in the old town in Zurich.

Travel alone destination for luxury, chocolates, shopping

As the largest city in Switzerland and a financial powerhouse, Zurich is fresh, liveable, and fancy. I’ve personally been there around the end of March, and I got some fantastic weather (and even a sunburn).

Make the most of lake Zurich while you walk around the promenade and catch a sweet drink on the way; there are several restaurants around where you can see great views and enjoy yourself, undisturbed.

Get lost in the picturesque alleys of the old town and stop by Niederdorf and Grossmunster.
Hike Uetliberg at your pace, but get ready with comfy clothes -it’s quite a hike, and I was unprepared. If you manage to reach the top, there are some stunning views up there.

2) Nice, France

Travel alone in Nice.

Take a stroll around the Promenade des Anglais after the sun is down.

Travel alone destination for sun, beach, culture

The French riviera’s capital attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world, and that’s fair. The advantages of that shining city are multiple and Nice acts as a magnet for any traveler.

Take a stroll around the idyllic promenade (Promenade des Anglais) with the gorgeous beach on your right hand and smile at all these different people around you. Who isn’t happy when it’s sunny?

Visit the old town of Vielle Ville – an absolute must- and get a handful of sights, restaurants, and idyllic spots.

Walk around the famous fountains in Place Massena or sit and get a glass of wine in hand while observing the people around. Clearly, that’s one of my favorite things to do when I travel solo, especially to bustling, sunny, spectacular cities like Nice.

3) Berlin, Germany


The sunset is saying hi to me in Brandenburger tor.

Travel alone destination for Nightlife, Events, Museums

I’m biased for many reasons with Berlin (but that’s another story); however, I have to admit; it’s a top European destination for a solo traveler.

First of all, bike roads make transportation around the city relatively easy compared to other European towns. Start by renting a bike in Alexanderplatz and move around. You’ll see most of the city’s iconic places (such as the Berlin Wall, Check Point Charlie, or Brandenburger tor).

Secondly, the vibrant streets with their art, the Opera houses, the famous museums, and the multicultural society give the city an artistic vibe one can’t ignore. You know, the vibe that makes you want to create, explore, and party. Berlin’s nightlife is so famous, hosting the best underground parties attracting thousands of people all over Europe.

I don’t find Berlin a beautiful city like Paris, Edinburgh, or Rome. However, I find the city’s alternative, slightly artistic vibe as a means for everybody to express themselves. Is there a better place for a solo traveler than one embracing that opportunity?

4) Amsterdam, Netherlands


Don’t skip the canal tour with unlimited drinks! Maybe II look sad, but I’m just drunk. 😀

Travel alone destination for beautiful canals, “coffee shops.”

I’m a firm advocate of Mediterranean places, but this liberal city manages to steal my heart whenever I visit. Amsterdam is a place that won’t disappoint, offering plenty of choices and things one should experience at least once.

Explore the beautiful canals by foot or water (please book the water tour in advance). The water tour is one of my favorite things to do, especially if you’re solo. Get an all-inclusive deal with alcoholic drinks (or even food) and listen to some fantastic stories from your boat guide.

Chill at Vondelpark and get lost in a book. Walk around Sunday Market or Grab a bite at Foodhallen.

You should also rent a bike to explore the city a bit further (or until your butt hurts). There are some friendly alternative neighborhoods worth visiting (De Pijp).

Don’t skip Red Light District, preferably when the sun is already down. 😉

5) Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona: the European city that combines everything.

Travel alone destination for Gaudi, architecture, stadium

Ah, Catalonia! Another European, eternal love. I had so many memorable experiences in that city, from hiking Tibidabo, befriending the animals at zoos in Barcelona, sunbathing at Barceloneta, and dancing until the sunrise, that whatever I write here won’t sound objective.

Barcelona is small, and it offers a combination of overly touristic places (you are a tourist too, remember) and alternative neighborhoods and options.

Based on your length of stay and other important factors (such as personal preferences), there are plenty of choices and things to do, from mountains to beaches.

Whatever you choose, you shouldn’t miss a long walk from Arc De Triomf to Barcelonetta beach (yes, I’m emotionally linked to that particular walk). Park Guell, the gothic quarter and the famous “La Rambla” are also a must.
If you are a football fan, catch a football play at Camp Nou, the famous stadium.

Travel alone in Europe

Conclusion: Which are the best five cities to travel to alone in Europe?

The above cities are just some of the top choices for lone travelers. To recap, the best cities in Europe to travel to alone are:

  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • Nice, France
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Barcelona, Spain

What is your favorite European destination for solo travelers? I would love to brainstorm together in the comments!