If you feel like diving into the fascinating world of an egg cleanse ritual, you’ve landed in the right place. This article will help you revive its significance in removing toxic energy and bad luck.

The egg cleanse ritual is an ancient practice used for centuries to bring clarity, positive energy, balance, and cleansing to the mind, body, and spirit. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a curious beginner, we’ll cover everything you need about the mighty egg cleanse in this article.

So, ready to start this transformative journey together?

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What Is An Egg Cleanse? Meaning & Interpretation

egg cleanse ritual: is it your first egg cleanse?

An egg cleanse is a spiritual and symbolic practice used for centuries in many cultures worldwide, including Italian and Filipino culture. It is meant to remove negative vibes and bad energy from a person’s life.

It is a ritual requiring an individual to lie down or sit quietly and carefully run an egg over their body or head.

The uncracked egg absorbs negative energy or bad luck while symbolically purifying the person or place it has been used on. In some traditions, the proceeding of the ritual requires the individual to crack the egg open afterward to see if any messages or omens are revealed within its shell.

Egg cleansing is still widely practiced as a form of holistic healing and spiritual renewal.

As this cleansing ritual is practiced today, they may use words of intention and visualizations to direct energy flow during the process. A piece of white sage or egg whites may also be used to cleanse the space before the egg cleanse is begun.

Once the process is complete, practitioners can interpret any messages or omens found inside the cracked eggshells as symbols for insight into their lives, using egg reading guides.

In addition to being a powerful form of spiritual renewal, egg cleansing also brings psychological benefits such as increased self-awareness and inner peace. It invites practitioners to take time for themselves away from daily stresses, instead taking part in an intimate and personal ritual that helps them move forward with greater clarity and purpose in life.

The egg cleanse is, therefore, an ancient practice with deep cultural roots and an effective tool for personal growth in our modern world.

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egg cleanse ritual: why eggs?

Egg Cleanse Ritual Preparation

Before you can perform an egg cleanse, certain necessary ingredients must be gathered before the beginning of the ritual.

A white garden sage bundle is needed to clean the space, along with a white cloth, an uncracked raw egg or multiple eggs, lemon juice, a bowl of salted lemon water to wash the new egg, a glass of water for the interpretations, and salt.

Creating a sacred space free of any distraction or evil eye and staying focused on the process is also essential. A white candle, essential oils, and incense may create a calming atmosphere. Once the space and materials are ready, practitioners can choose an intention for their ritual that will serve as a focus for the process.

Other helpful tips to remember before the ritual include limiting the number of people present and having a window nearby to escape the negative energy. The ritual can be done at any time but is preferred at the beginning of a period (month, year, or so) or on a full moon day.

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How to Do An Egg Cleanse: The 7 Steps

Place tools on the counter

All required items should be placed on the counter or a white cloth before starting the egg cleansing ritual to be easily accessible during the ritual itself.

Having everything ready will help practitioners focus entirely on their intentions during the egg cleanses and internalize each step to create meaningful results from this powerful spiritual practice.

Cleanse your space

Cleansing the space ensures no bad energy interferes with any part of the process.

Take a few deep breaths and visualize the space being cleansed with white light from the burning copal or sage smudging. Let this light take away any bad energy, thoughts, or negative emotions that could be present in the area.

Wash your eggs

Add salt and lemon juice to a bowl of room-temperature water. Using this bowl of salted lemon water, gently wash each one of the eggs as a sign of purification. Do this with intention and visualization, imagining yourself washing away any negative energy surrounding the eggs that may interfere with the process.

Connect with the universe

Hold the eggs in your hands and take a few more deep breaths. Visualize yourself connecting with the energy of the space around you and the universe.

Send out prayers of protection while this spiritual practice is performed, and pray that it helps you eliminate any evil spirits surrounding you so that your life knows more incredible positive energy.

Set your intention

Choose something specific that you will focus your energy on during the practice, and be sure to hold this intention in your mind throughout the entire process.

By setting a focused intent before beginning, practitioners can make sure they are getting the desired effects of their chosen egg cleanse ritual and have one thought process they can entirely focus on during the time period of the ritual.

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Roll the egg over the body.

While you sit, lay down, or stand comfortably, take each egg and slowly roll it over your entire body in small circles. Carefully move the egg over every part of your body—head, face, arms, torso, and legs.

Allow for its energy to fully flow through you as you do this, and visualize any negative energy that the egg is picking up being released from your body with the egg rolling.

During this part of the cleanse, many individuals mentioned the eggs getting noticeably heavier. This is taken as a sign of the negative energy and evil eye being absorbed away; because of the weight, the egg explodes in some cases as well.

Crack an egg into a glass of water.

When the egg has covered your entire body, the final step is to carefully crack the egg into a glass of water. The interpretations of each cracked shell may depend on certain ancient cultures or practices. Still, any unusual shapes or patterns found inside can give insight into a person’s life and future.

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egg cleanse ritual: the 7 steps and why glass of water

Reading The Results of Egg Cleansing

The results of the egg cleansing rituals are very significant in helping an individual gain insight into their life. There are certain things one must be mindful of:

Look through the glass and not into it from the top.

For the second cleansing ritual of the egg cleanse, once the egg breaks and settles down, it is essential to look through the glass from the side, not the top.

This will allow an individual to observe any patterns and shapes the cracked eggshells make in water.

Look for intricate details, such as the shape of the egg yolk, the egg whites, and the direction in which the pieces of shell float or sink. The side on which they are floating may give clues to blessings and curses in a person’s life.

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Keep an open mind

It is important to remember that egg cleansing is an ancient practice with a deep history and many interpretations. Keeping an open mind while participating in this ritual can be beneficial, as it may reveal insights beyond our conscious understanding.

When interpreting the results of the egg cleansing, consider how these meanings might relate back to your original intention or prayer. Look for patterns and symbols that could guide you on your spiritual journey in various resources such as other blogs, books, or YouTube TV.

Many different patterns can be seen in this part of the ritual. The more common interpretations of them are as follows;

Floating Eggshells

Floating eggshells generally signify a person is surrounded by protective energy.

The direction in which the shells are floating provides insight into where this protection comes from—north symbolizes spiritual guidance, east represents strong family ties and through family members, south signifies luck and prosperity, and west stands for romance.

Smelly Water

When the water smells bad or if there is a presence of blood, it generally signifies bad luck, evil spirits and unfavorable situations. It is often understood as a presence of toxic energy, bad vibes, or the evil eye. It can be interpreted as a warning of precaution to the performer of the ritual and that they should watch out for any potential danger.

In this case, a second cleanse may be required to rid oneself of this negative energy.


If bubbles appear in the glass or the egg whites, it often symbolizes purification and cleansing; it can signify that an individual is being cleansed of all negative energy or influences.

If large bubbles form, a lot of negative energy can be absorbed (the size of the bubble is a good indication of how much bad energy has been absorbed). This allows them to move forward with more clarity and peace of mind.

Foam can also hint at new beginnings and opportunities currently manifesting in the person’s reality.


When spikes form in the glass, it can be interpreted as a warning; it is usually thought to signify that an individual should take extra precautions and protect against any danger or malicious intentions.

Spikes or needles could be an omen of individuals around a person who do not wish them well or, in some ways, are also hoping to take away their positivity or good fortune.

Floating yolk

A floating egg yolk means or is interpreted as a sign of unsolved issues. This could represent that the individual needs to look closer at their current situation and consider how they can move forward with more clarity and peace of mind.

In this case, it may be beneficial for the practitioner to reevaluate any negative patterns or circumstances that have been present in their life and begin working on resolving them.

The individual may have to perform an egg cleanse again at some point.

Faces and figures

Any faces or figures appearing in the point means or refer to an enemy; it is often a reminder to protect yourself from harm. It can represent that you should be aware of hidden enemies and take extra caution regarding your decisions or actions in life.

Figuring out the face’s appearance could be essential to figuring out which individual does not wish you well.

Clear Water

A clear glass of room-temperature water is the best sign you have no negative energy. It signifies clarity, purity, and freedom from malice or ill will. Clearwater shows you can cleanse negative energy and move forward with a clear mind and heart.

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egg cleanse ritual: egg means, sacred animal and results fo the man variations of the egg: spiritual leaders recommend

What Are Some Other Techniques For Spiritual Cleansing Besides Egg Cleanse?

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is a form of alternative medicine that harnesses the power of crystals and gemstones to promote healing. Practitioners believe they can use crystal energy to help people seeking spiritual growth and transformation in their lives. Apart from egg cleanse, it’s my favorite spiritual cleaning practice,

You can start by placing the crystals on or around the body to channel positive energy into an individual’s chakras, aura, and energetic field. This energy helps to remove blockages, clear away negative or stagnant energy, and help restore balance in the mind, body, and spirit.

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Pranayama controls and regulates one’s breath, creating a meditative state and achieving spiritual cleansing.

Pranayama is believed to help clear away any negative energy or blockages in the body and promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The practice involves breathing deeply through the nose while focusing on specific mantras or words.

Pranayama helps cleanse the mind and spirit by creating a sense of inner peace and balance.

Sage smudging

Sage smudging is an ancient practice to remove negative energy from a space. A bundle of dried sage, also known as a smudge stick, is burned, and the smoke produced is thought to absorb any unwanted or stagnant energy in an area.

Practitioners believe this purifying ritual can help bring peace, clarity, and balance to individuals, homes, and other places where it is performed.

egg cleanse ritual among other spiritual practices

Final Thoughts

The egg cleanse ritual is a powerful spiritual practice that can help you gain insight into your energy and what lies ahead. By understanding the different symbols of the ritual, you can uncover deeper meanings to make informed choices and manifest a better future for yourself.

Other techniques, such as crystal healing, pranayama, and sage smudging, are also effective in cleansing. With open-mindedness and an intention to let go of negativity, these rituals can help bring peace, clarity, and balance to all parts of your life.