There are many reasons to work remotely, now more than ever. Post-Covid, billions of people worldwide are forced to complete their jobs from home, with the situation having its pros and cons. Remote jobs with flexible hours and schedules can work for any person or team. The best perk is remote work allows you to earn, manage your time as you wish, create your own schedule, and support your family.

Jobs from home are becoming the new norm. [/caption]

Maybe you’re just a busy mum who wishes for a small income while staying at home, taking care of her kids. Or, you might be a digital nomad who wants to travel the world post covid and fund a share of his travels by completing part-time remote jobs from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

No matter the scenario that describes your situation, the pandemic introduces us to a new reality: getting a remote job with flexible hours is the new norm. With the proper schedule and mindset, you can focus on fully remote work, earning you extra money.

There are many reasons to search for additional remote employment, now more than ever.[/caption]

How hard is it to work from home?

For many of us, a remote job always meant living the dream of a location-independent, non-micromanaged work life. Apart from mandatory Zoom calls and fixed meetings, you can make your schedule flexible and adjustable. That is a great advantage, as it frees you from the ordinary 9 to 5 conventional company office schedule, which might clash with your routines, sleep, and productivity.


You can commute from your living room while wearing your underwear and pajamas, and your work breaks can be any home routine that relaxes you and boosts your mood.[/caption]

If that’s the life you wish for, know that you’re not alone.

However, during a pandemic, things are tough. Working from home with your kids, partners, or family in the house can be more challenging than it initially sounds. You might also find it hard to be productive while working remotely, or you might be dealing with isolation and anxiety.

Full-time or part-time remote jobs?

There are high-paying jobs you can do from home available to you. If you’re stuck at home unemployed, you could be looking for permanent employment from home with flexible hours out of necessity.

But if you’re not ready to look for a higher-paying remote full-time job or don’t want to add a permanent part-time job to your daily life, a flexible side job inspired by your passionate interests is the perfect solution.

You can work as much as you want and have the ability to pick how many clients you want. With flexible schedules, home jobs allow job seekers to provide services without the interference of any third-party companies. The best part? You might have some new talents or a permanent and remote freelancing career. The ideal scenario? You start a business.

So let me help you open your world to new opportunities.

In this post, you’ll find a list of ideas for part-time remote jobs that might suit you. If you find a good side job on the list, follow the steps and build your new reality.

Best part-time work-from-home and freelance jobs:

IT, software engineers, or developers.


Whether you want to assist with service interruptions or build an app, or a custom website, programming, big data, and tech-related side hustles are great choices. You’ll mostly need a computer and relevant skills—ideal for people with a B.S. in computer science, software engineering, or data science degrees.

After starting small, the future in this stream allows you to build programs, work for big companies, and compete/collaborate with employees with years of experience in various tech-related positions.

You’ll need; 

Understanding programming languages like Java, Javascript, SQL, C++, Python, or coding.

Digital marketing professionals

Social media, SEO, Blogging, paid advertising, domain research, affiliate marketing… The digital marketing spectrum is a big field with endless opportunities covering many streams. You can accomplish A LOT of things if you’re a digital marketing geek, and you can earn a lot by working on that side hustle. Digital marketing offers full-time opportunities for the highest-paying virtual jobs and lower flexible work opportunities also.

You’ll need; 

Knowledge in the field. I recommend you pick one interest (branding, paid advertising, organic advertising, affiliate marketing, SEO, social media) and become a master. You won’t need extra effort or a bachelor’s degree if you love what you’re learning. Just pick an amazing course for your development.

Online wellness coaches or therapists

If you’re a licensed wellness professional or coach, virtual platforms like Talkspace, BetterHelp, and Amwell allow you to find a home opportunity and have 1:1 virtual sessions with clients. However, there are options for those who don’t have a degree or a license. If you enjoy talking and helping people, you can offer coaching services on freelancing sites like Fiverr. I was surprised to see even Tinder coaches inside the platform!

You’ll need;

Some basic knowledge of the human mind and psychology concepts. People will likely choose you if you’re certified and professional; therefore, investing in wellness and CBT coaches online is a smart move. You should conduct research on the types of licenses and certifications available.

A virtual event planner or virtual assistant

Pre covid, event planners had an enjoyable (and hectic, I must acknowledge) time planning social, retail, marketing, and business events worldwide. Post covid, virtual events are the big thing. Therefore, anyone who enjoys hosting and organizing jobs can still do it with flexible work opportunities available all over the internet.

You’ll need;

Social and organizational skills and a basic understanding of how to run an event.

Online seller

Not really a part-time job, but considering the amount of money you can make from sales, you don’t need any company job. You can earn a significant income and enjoy the whole sales process. (Irrelevant disclosure; I never did enjoy sales.)

You’ll need;

Seller accounts in e-commerce platforms like eBay, Poshmark, Carousel, or Amazon. For successful sales, you might even need to join a team or community with experience selling to users. There is no better remote job than sales once you get the hang of it. You can also mold your hours around the region you are selling to.

Rent your space 

Same as above, but less common if you don’t have a spare apartment or aren’t a digital nomad. I rented my space in Athens through Airbnb and made a good income.

You’ll need the following;

To list your space as a host on online platforms. The most common one is Airbnb, but other options exist, such as VRBO.

Teacher and tutor part-time remote jobs


Among the most common and easiest online work-from-home, flexible-schedule, jobs are tutoring and teaching. Even before the pandemic, teaching online via Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft-teams was usual.

Post covid, it’s one of our new realities and an integral part of the education system. Teachers and tutors can leverage that opportunity by scheduling online classes either as a part of full-time, location-free work.

You’ll need;

A laptop, if you’re a teacher. But even if you’re not, consider that you can teach anything you’re good at by creating online courses and posting them on platforms such as Fiverr, Udemy, and other online course sites on your own schedule. Teaching your language if you’re not a native English speaker is also an amazing idea many people do.

Translator and proofreader

No matter whether you’re bilingual or multilingual. And you may wish to try and pick up a new language while you’re learning it. Either way, check out FlexJobs’ list of companies with remote translation jobs.

If you don’t want to go for it full-time, you can join Facebook groups or freelancing sites to offer translation services.

You’ll need;

A natural incline and love for languages. Translating an “About page” might sound easy, but what if someone chooses you for a 100-page mini-novel?

Video or photo editor part-time remote jobs


Photographers and videographers can take their talent anywhere and create epic stuff. I always recommend having your own site with your portfolio of projects and work handy, as people will consider you professional and more likely to book you for high-paying jobs daily. There are many freelance platforms for creative photographers and videographers like you, so make sure you’ll stand out for your employers/customers.

What you’ll need;

Your talent, camera gear, and other videography tools. If photography is a hobby or field you want to invest in, start now. Invest in some great online courses, and who knows? You might end up unlocking your passion.

Graphic and web designer part-time remote jobs

From logo to website creation, graphic and web designers can work with brands, businesses, and solo employers to unleash their talent using only a computer. If you have a talent for designing quality content, you can easily take over some amazing home jobs with a flexible schedule and hours.

What you’ll need;

Talent in designing or knowledge in the field. Graphic design is also a skill you can acquire if you invest time and money in its development.

Business consulting and business services

B2B potential is high. Depending on your knowledge and professional field, you can identify the market size and offer some independent consulting or individual services to clients that might need your skills or advice in a specific project. How can you help brands and companies achieve their goals? How can you contribute to their growth?

You’ll need;

A simple professional, freelancing site that will show your expertise and what’s in it if they buy your services. You’ll need to maintain this profile also. Invest some time in its development as this is your main portfolio.

Freelance writing


Last but not least, freelance writing takes time, pain, and patience, but it’s one of the most rewarding and creative paths you can follow if you enjoy putting your thoughts on an empty craft and transforming it into something. Nowadays, multiple platforms will pay for your writing, and if you’re consistent, you will see results, traffic, and income.

There are multiple ways to make money writing; for example, you can start your own blog or blog for popular websites. The most common ways are requesting to write for publications, participating in online writing platforms, or getting copywriting freelancing jobs.

You’ll need;

Your laptop, reading consistency, and writing consistency. As Stephen King puts it;

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”

You can definitely invest in some copywriting courses to improve your writing, depending on how far you want to go.


No matter what kind of flexible work you’re looking for, there are options out there that can fit your needs. Whether it’s a freelance writing gig or business consulting services, you must determine which home jobs best match your skills and interests. With some research and determination, customers will be lining up to take advantage of the quality support you provide as a responsible freelancer with a flexible schedule and hours.

The benefits of such a remote position/project are immense. You get to upskill, collaborate with experienced employees, learn new tools, and rest whenever you want to with your flexible schedule.

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